100% Waterproof Sealskinz Socks at 0800sports.co.uk

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100% Waterproof Sealskinz Gloves at 0800sports.co.uk

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, or work exposed to the elements, then every year you probably buy a new pair of gloves and every year you end up with wet cold hands and gloves that look like they have seen better days. With this in mind we decided to put the Sealskinz range of gloves through a thorough test and see if they would cope with three months of intensive testing. After seeing off the worst of this winter we can report that the gloves are still alive and kicking providing a level of warmth and waterproof protection that is second to none. It is vital to keep your hands dry when exposed to the worst that winter can throw at you. Wet hands hit by the chill arctic winds can soon turn into blue lumps of ice, making dexterity control impossible. When the hands get that cold it is a very painful experience. The gloves from Sealskinz are more than up to such hostile conditions, in fact they can be plunged into a barrel of ice cold water and not a single bead of moisture comes through. - The gloves providing complete and utter protection. It is therefore fairly obvious that these gloves can cope with the most torrential down pours. There have been days this year when the rain has been so hard and persistent that during the course of a day we have had to change coats because the rain was coming through - but the Sealskinz gloves did not need changing… they just went on and on keeping the rain at bay. They are without doubt the most water resistant gloves that we have worn, offering an extreme level of protection from the harshest conditions. We tested four different types of Sealskinz gloves: Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves These are Sealskinz most popular close fitting glove that provides the wearer with great dexterity of movement and a substantial level of touch sensitivity. The high grip palm has an amazing level of adhesion even on smooth shiny surfaces, making this glove the first choice for anybody who needs to carry out manual work in wet conditions. The level of waterproof ability is also phenomenal whilst remaining very pliable and soft to the touch, so able to endure the worst of outdoor environments. Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves are available in sizes S-XL Sealskinz Activity Gloves This glove has a soft leather palm, nylon back and snug wrist closure by means of a broad Velcro strap, it also has a reflective strip across the back of the hand. The activity glove would be an ideal choice for police officers who require a tough glove that can keep the hands bone dry and warm when carrying out long searches in wet conditions. Military personal would also find this a very effective glove when operating in seriously wet conditions. The reflective strip can simply be taped over if not required. Sealskinz Activity Gloves are available in sizes S-XL Sealskinz Winter Gloves Combines serious waterproof protection with warmth that is able to perform in sub zero temperatures. It is also a really tough glove that can be used for a number of sporting and work situations. The synthetic palm and finger covering on the inside of the glove is virtually indestructible. The back of the glove is a robust tear proof nylon and is equally tough. On the back of the thumb there is a soft suede-like material that can be used to wipe sweat or rain from the brow which is a very useful feature. Around the wrist the glove can be drawn shut with a Velcro strap that keeps even the most stubborn drafts and rain at bay. Overall a well conceived glove for anybody who finds themselves venturing outside in seriously cold and wet conditions. Sealskinz Winter Glove sizes are S-XL Sealskinz Shooting Gloves These have a leather palm and a soft synthetic back and though it is a very thin glove offering a high level of sensitivity it is like all Sealskinz gloves, absolutely waterproof. The trigger finger folds back so as to allow direct finger contact with the trigger. These gloves were tested in some bitterly cold winds and torrential rain and were found to be excellent at keeping the circulation active so that weapons handling was crisp and responsive. The close fit and snug wrist closure meant that the gloves fit like a second skin, making winter shooting a lot more comfortable. Sealskinz Shooting Gloves are available in sizes S-XL The full range of Sealskinz Products can be purchased at 08000sports For More Information-: http://www.0800sports.co.uk

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100% Waterproof Sealskinz Socks at 0800sports.co.uk

When growing up you probably never thought you'd own a pair of socks more technologically advanced than your car – times have changed! We found that SealSkinz socks are well built, extremely versatile and suitable for many outdoor applications. The complete range of socks are 100-percent waterproof, allowing you to save money on waterproof hiking boots, golf shoes and cycle shoes, whilst giving extra security and warmth on wet-weather outings. The socks aren't just waterproof though, they're also breathable, thermal and extremely comfortable. Our Testing We tested 4 different types of Sealskinz Socks and Gloves: Sealskinz Ultra Light Cycling Socks With 8 hours of cycling ahead of us, we planned our route with plenty of options, but could not count on the weather. When we started it was hot, very hot, but then it clouded over and the rain came down which necessitated a quick change into our Sealskinz Ultra Light Socks. After cycling through puddles, fords, mud patches, and wet heather, in fact everything wet you can encounter while cycling we arrived at our final “watering” hole with totally dry feet. Sealskinz Ultra Light Cycling Socks are available in sizes S-XL Sealskinz Mid Thermal Socks with Merino Wool The Mid-Thermal Merino is luxury in a functional sock. The pressure areas of the sock are supported and padded with the ultimate in super soft cushioning. Merino wool has excellent thermal and wicking properties; drawing moisture away from the skin more quickly than other fibres and unlike conventional wool, Merino wool does not itch. Although the Mid-Thermal Merino sock is ideal for all seasons, due to its lightness and high breathability, we found that it provides maximum protection during the winter, when the sock helps protect feet from the frost, cold wind, mud and freezing water. The Mid-Thermal Merino is also recommended for people with poor circulation all year round, due its warming effects. The SealSkinz Mid-Thermal Merino replaces the old Mid-Thermal sock, offering more stretch, warmth, comfort and luxury than its predecessor. Sealskinz Mid Thermal Socks are available in sizes S-XL Sealskinz Golfers Socks After input from many golfers the Sealskinz Golfers Socks have been made thinner, with extra cushioning on the heel and calf. When you are playing golf there is nothing worse than cold wet feet. Even with “waterproof shoes” moisture will wick down over the top of the shoes once you venture off of the short stuff into the rough. With Sealskinz patented 100% waterproof technology, you will never experience that feeling again, and with these socks you can even extend the life of your old golf shoes. Sealskinz Golfers Socks are available in sizes S-XL Sealskinz Outdoor Activity Socks On the morning of day 3 of an outwards bounds course the rain was bucketing down, so the decision to includeSealskinz Outdoor Activity Socks would prove invaluable. Conditions that day were extremely wet under foot and potentially disastrous in terms of foot care. The SealSkinz Outdoor Activity Socks kept feet dry and most importantly blister-free, despite the moorland, bogs, streams and other wet terrain. Sealskinz Outdoor Activity Socks are available in sizes S-XL For more information-:http://www.0800sports.co.uk