1 year supply food storage

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Different ways to create food storage Great Ways of Stroing Foods At Home

Proper food storage is essential in order to maintain its freshness and keep it free from contamination. Food is quite costly nowadays and learning to store it well will ensure that it lasts a long time and help reduce waste.To store salads, soups and stews, it is best to use glass jars and glass bowls. While most households have these items in their shelves and cupboards, they are mainly used to serve and prepare food. These bowls can be conveniently used to store the said foodstuffs. Glass is good as it is easy to clean, is clear and is safe to use. Glass is also microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It is therefore a suitable medium for food storage.Some glass jars that previously held certain food stuffs such as honey, peanut butter or grains can be safely converted to store food stuff that would otherwise go bad. If there are unused glass containers that previously held foodstuffs, these can safely and securely be used to store foodstuffs. Food stored this way can last a long time, especially if stored in a refrigerator.Another clever 1 year supply food storage idea is to use strong, high grade plastic buckets to store foodstuffs. Ideally, these buckets are useful in storing foods such as grain as well as flour and wheat products. The tough plastic containers are strong and can withstand a variety of environments. The containers are rodent proof, waterproof and can keep out humidity, bacteria and other unwanted contaminants.When storing food, it is always good to keep the containers away from direct heat, sunlight and humid conditions. Food is best stored in cool, dry areas where it is dark and moisture free. A cold room is preferred as it is less prone to bacteria, rodents and insects.Sometimes families can be creative and come up with great storage equipment. A good example is a take-away food container or bread spread container. Once these have been emptied of their original contents, they can be cleaned up thoroughly and used to store different types of foods. The foods need to be stored while fresh but cold. The containers are then placed in the cool sections of the fridge. It is advisable to avoid the freezer when using these reusable containers in the freezer as they are not the most suitable for this section of the refrigerator. Foods may also be stored directly on plates as soon as it is served. Just allow the food to cool, serve on to plate and cover the plate and food with foil paper or wrapping paper. Place the food in the freezer section of the fridge. The food can last up to one month but may be consumed at any time.

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Different ways to create food storage Saving Money By Creating Food Storage At Home

The cost of groceries canreally hurt a family's budget. The last thing you want is to throw away foodthat has spoiled, or pass up a good sale because you don't have any place toput these items. The following tips can help.The first step in properly storing food at home is making room for it. If youare lucky enough to have a pantry, than all you have to do is clean it out.Throw away things that you do not use. Stuff that doesn't belong there needs tobe put where it does belong. Many of us don't have pantries in our home. Lookfor an out of the way spot to put in some shelves. Maybe you have a spare room,basement, or extra closet that would work for this. Keeping the actual kitchencupboards clean and organized can give you some extra space as well. For theover flow of frozen stock you will need a freezer. Now when your favoritebrands are on sale you can buy ahead without any worries.The second big food storage problem is finding containers for everything. Thisdoes not need to cost a lot. More and more foods are coming in resealablepackaging. Ones that don't, will need to be put in plastic bags or containersafter being opened. There are many types of locking plastic bags, in a largevariety of sizes, on the market today. Look in the discount stores for goodbuys on them, or combine coupons with store sales to save even more money.Plastic bowls and dishes are perfect for 1 year supply food storage. They are so nice to putleft overs in. You will also want these for dry goods. Cereal, flour, sugar,and pasta all stay fresher when placed in air tight containers. It also makesthese items easier to stack on top of each other, which will save you space onyour shelves. Measuring out dry ingredients from these, is much easier thandoing it from the bags they come in. Save empty margarine bowls for aninexpensive option.Pick up some of the glass baking pans and casserole dishes that come with snapon plastic lids. Many one dish meals can be made ahead of time and frozen untilneeded. This will help save you time on busy evenings.With all these food storage ideas, you too can start saving.