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How Healthy Are You?

Costume jewelry is used specifically to dress up an outfit. Sequins, beads, and brooches are some examples of costume jewelry. People tend to look down on costume jewelry and dismiss it as cheap trinkets and baubles. The fact is that Fashion Jewelry is a very popular form of jewelry and its low price should not be held against it.Jewelry has been part and parcel of human attire for thousands of years. It is well known that the right piece of jewelry can adorn a plain outfit and beautify it. Conversely, the wrong piece of jewelry can spoil the effect of even the well-designed outfit.Towards the end of the 1800s, costume jewelry made its first appearance. It was made of general material, nothing valuable. It imitated the style of the fine jewelry then in vogue. Though the material was cheap, the time and effort that went into its making was enormous.A common misperception is that costume jewelry is cheap jewelry. The material used may be cheap, or, more appropriately, low-priced. But the making and crafting requires all the care and attention of fine jewelry. There is no ban on the use of semi-precious gemstones in costume jewelry, and you will see exquisite examples of costume jewelry with semi-precious stones which make it very valuable.You select costume jewelry to highlight a specific feature of a specific dress. That article will not match any other dress. In other words, costume jewelry is outfit-specific.All through its long journey till today, costume jewelry has faced the criticism of being single-use jewelry. Its low price and ready availability, its salient qualities, have turned out to be its weaknesses, preventing it from gaining the respectability it deserves. Costume jewelry matches the design and style of traditional fine jewelry in every respect except the material and cost. Costume jewelry is available everywhere - from street bazaars to high street fashion shops.Costume jewelry is a blessing for the truly fashion conscious. The fashion conscious will not worry about the snoot-value of the jewelry he or she is wearing! Their philosophy is, ‘If it is beautiful, it is jewelry!’ When you do your best to get every thing else at a low price, there’s no harm in buy costume jewelry which is already low-priced. Since there is such a wide variety of styles and designs in costume jewelry, you are bound to find the article that goes well with that party dress you brought back from Ibiza! Give all your dresses the costume jewelry treatment and watch them come alive like never before!