Apr 14, 2014 at 09:22 o\clock

this result to see their performance was very positive

A reporter asked Hengda this did not intend to send is the main construction of the national security team to send a gift celebration of 20 years of it? This Lipi Tan Yan: Yankees should be the league's 30 games this year to celebrate his celebrations should not be solely on the use of a game to celebrate.
Talked about how to treat the opponent Guoan coach Pacheco and national security do? Lippi said: Beijing ranked third in the standings, but also won the AFC qualification, from this result to see their performance was very positive.
Face teams like national security, Lippi worried that there will be the last season after winning 2-5 defeat scores, which Lippi said: Next week we will usher in the FA Cup final, I do not want to let the team's main players Here kicking a meaningless game, I hope they can rest in Guangzhou. Although I do not know what will happen tomorrow's race, but I think the situation will not defeat tomorrow's race we hope training new people, so that these players also feel the atmosphere of competition.
Finally, the media asked to follow the practice of European football, to win in advance, then the opponent is going to get lined up to welcome appearances, then Hengda want tomorrow to be so courteous in Beijing do? Lippi's answer was simply this: Tomorrow we will be in Beijing, which courtesy I do not know, I did not think about that too much, I just hope the team can kick an exciting game.