18.04.2008 um 11:13 Uhr

It's been a while...

Musik: D'espairs Ray - TRICKSTER's really been a while since I wrote here.

The project I started back then is still paused, I didn't get anything done in time *is frustrated*

Re-listening MIRROR and especially ANGELDUST, I got a new inspiration for an artpiece...a single one and computer-colored this time. Which doesn't mean I'll never finish the other one...I just need the right inspiration for it...and I've sworn myself I won't be empty-handed when I meet the guys the next time. When that's gonne be...only the gods know.

Anyway...time to get this going again. I'll post the progress, going step by step again, as in the other project. Expect the first update in a few. ^^

18.06.2007 um 22:27 Uhr

Change of plans

Musik: Dir en grey - R to the Core

As time is running short and I don't think I'll be able to finish 13 pieces in less than two weeks, I decided to change my plans a little bit. Instead of 13 pictures I will stick to one (the one I started) and will add symbols for the songs to it. The center-symbol will remain the mirror, but there will come others for songs such as:

- Damned

- Trickster

- Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana

- Angeldust

- Kaleidoscope

That will be much easier to finish and I hope I can continue painting soon. As in tomorrow. ^^ I miss painting, but I was so busy arranging things and running around that I had to skip it for what I think much too long now. I hate being behind the schedule.

So, expect an update on the picture progress, soon!

28.05.2007 um 17:37 Uhr

D'espairs Ray Art-Project: Part one

von: AmberKid   Stichwörter: project, WIP

Stimmung: creative
Musik: D'espairs Ray - Hai to Ame

Okay, so let's get this thing started, shall we?

Some of you might know about my plans to do an art-project as a gift to give to D'espairs Ray when I meet them in one month's time. A book full of art inspired by the guys' newest album: MIRROR

Today I finally started painting. And since quite a few people were interested, I decided to put all of the work in progress into this blog, to share the experience of getting it done.

Okay...the basic facts: One book, 13 artpieces (12 songs plus cover), 1 month time.


Remeber, this is the first of 13 pieces, so this is the very beginning.


working material

These are the materials I work with: cardboard, oil paint and hard brushes of various sizes.


Step I: The base

For the base-coat I used 3 shades of brown: Yellow Ocre, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umbra. First I covered the whole sheet with hzeavy brushstrokes of Ocre, then I switched to a bigger brush and dotted it first with Sienna and them with Umra to give it the dirty. filthy look that I wanted to get.

image of the base-coat



Every artist needs a drug that keeps him going. Here's mine:

cup of cappuccino

Chocolate cappuccino. ^^


Step II: Sharpening my pencil and sharpening my mind


Now comes a rather tricky part: putting the motif down.


With a sharpened pencil the motif is scetched directly onto the still wet paint.

second step

Note: I didn't go into every detail, it's just a rough scetch of the outlines. The details are addded later on.


Step III: Color


With a fine brush the outlines are defined with a mixture of Yellow Ocre and Lemon Yellow.

step three


The inside of the mirror is then darkened with Burnt Sienne and Umbra, to get the effect of a room mirrored.

next step of coloring

The hardest part comes now: adding detail to get the shapes to stand out.


By now I started my second cup of cappuccino and found a few wafer-cookies to go along with it:

second cappuccino

I took a break to set up this blog and sort my thoughts. I'm quite happy with how things started, let's just hope my muses stay with me and I can keep going like that.