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Property Rental Software | Video Rental Software

Rental Software

To organize, simplify and master any business the use of software is required. There are many types of software that are available for today’s businesses. These softwares are either available on rent or are available for both rent and purchase. Commodity Rentals provides the rental business software for any rental business that is:

  • More accurate
  • More cost effective and time efficient
  • More reliable and profitable

Video Rental Software

Video Rental Software provides flexibility at both owner’s and renter’s end. The software helps the renter to access the data from any where in the world. Also he can inquire about the availability, video rates and also book the rooms if they are available.

Some of the features of the software from the renter’s end are:
  • Update his profile and login information.
  • View its previously saved different video category.
  • Online access of data from anywhere in the world
  • Manage rates,  online availability
  • Most advanced and easy to use.

Property Rental Software

Rental SoftwareProperty Rental Software allows the customers either to purchase the property or to have the property on rent. The main purpose of this software is to optimize the utilization of resources such as energy, space, time, people, technology and many others.

The property rental software helps the rental business owners to manage their properties, manage their tenants. It provides the property tools that customize the needs of the customers.

The Online Rental Business Management Softwares from Commodity Rentals helps the online business owners to benefit from its useful features by its extensive use. The customers are also attracted more towards owner’s business and use this software to serve their purpose and hence the owner is also benefited from his business.

Rental Software

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Get best Rental Software | Video rental Software

Rental Software

With the expansion of technology in web world and to cope with the expansion of technology, the organizations are searching for the software of their purpose which is easy to use and learn. The online rental software provided by Commodity Rentals limits the search of organization by providing verticals of software which are useful for their purpose of business.

Video Rental Software

Video Rental Software provided by Commodity Rentals is the online rental business in the market for video rentals and movie rentals. It provides huge range of video list with unlimited categories, unlimited topics, and unlimited numbers and with unlimited depth.

Some of the features of this software are:
  • No programming required.
  • Set up in 5 minutes.
  • Works on windows, UNIX, LINUX platform.
  • 100% open source.
  • A web based control panel for site administrator.
  • Free access to product updates.
  • Easy to configure – appearance, site configuration and other settings.

Property Rental Software

Property Rental Software is the most effective online rental software for renting as wells as purchasing property and real estate over the web. It provides web- based customizable software solution to start and expand the online rentals business.

Some of the benefits of this software are: Easy to launch, No technical skills required, Price attractive, Personal approach to every client, organization of data at lower cost and many others.

Online Rental Business Management Softwares helps the organization to take a positive step towards next level of success.

Some of the features of rental business software are:
  • Handles every aspect of inventory control,administration and billing.
  • Ideal for medium to large sized companies
  • Integrated with world class accounting system
  • Complete barcode control

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Video rental software | Online Rental Business Management Softwares

Rental Software

To start any online business the organization needs to have the knowledge of the particular field in which the organization wishes to start the business. The rental software provided by Commodity Rentals helps the organization with the initial process and the organization can start their online business within the short span of time without much effort to learn that particular software.

Video Rental Software

Video Rental Software are required if any organization or any business starts the business of online movie rental. This software provides any organization with the flexibility in maintaining the records of customers and it also provides the customers with the flexibility in the choice of movies.

Some of the features of this software are:
  • Management of inventory across the stores and systems.
  • Fully integrated purchase order system
  • Look up customers’ invoices and movie history across all stores.
  • Late fee tracking and payment information by individual movie.

Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Software provided by Commodity Rentals allows the holiday places, resort, hotels and places business to take the competitive advantage out of the various features and benefits of that software. The features of the software help the organization to save time and money.

Some of the features of this software are:
  • Easy to calculate or track security deposits,rent or purchase payment of fees.
  • Easy to track the requests for maintenance and improvement.
  • Easy to keep track of vacancies for the apartments

Online Rental Business Management Softwares

The Online Rental Business Management Softwares helps any rental business to keep track of the records of the customers as well as to maintain the inventory within the organization. This maintenance of inventory helps the organization to have that advantage that their competitors cannot have and it also helps to improve the customer base of the organization.

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Rental Software | Video Rental software | Vacation Rental Software

Rental Software

The competitive corporate world today demands from every organization that every work should be completed fast and within time to grab the newer opportunities that are coming in that sector. This demands the automation in every sector and this automation requires the use of softwares. The online rental software provided by Commodity Rentals provides the softwares that are related to almost every sector in today’s corporate world.

Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Software is the rental software using which the vacation rental business owners greatly benefit from. Using this software the records that they maintain manually can be maintained automatically.

Some of the features of this software are:
  • Ability to Accept Credit Cards
  • Calendar that Updates Automatically
  • Private Domain Registration
  • Marketing System
  • State of The Art Listings
  •  Pictures
  • Online Contracts
  •  Accounting Spreadsheet
  • Travel Insurance and so on.

Video Rental Software

Video Rental Software allows any video rental business to maintain the customer database as well as to update the current list of CDs, DVDs or books to provide more flexibility to their customers and to maintain the available and total stock.

Rental System

The rental system provided by Commodity Rentals allows any rental business to have a competitive advantage in the online rental business market since it also allows them to increase their customer base to the global level and hence increase their profitability.

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Video Rental Software promote video rental business

Rental Software

The software’s are available today for almost every single small purpose. Most of the softwares have only the option of purchase of that software and also they are very costly and are not available online. The rental softwares provided by Commodity Rentals have the option of purchase as well as are available on rent. These softwares are offered online and hence the customers have their softwares by just sitting at their homes or offices.

Video Rental Software

Video Rental Software helps any organization to manage, control and promote their video rental business. With this software they can do the transactions fast and accurately and can give their customers the satisfaction they want.

Some of the features of Video rental software are:-
  • check rental histories and membership details
  • create membership card
  • management reporting
  • promotional pricing
  • password protection
  • barcode scanner support
  • stock controls
Commodity Rentals

Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental Software provided by Commodity Rentals is the software that helps to improve the potential of the vacation rental information and also helps organization to perform their job well.

Some of the benefits of vacation rental software are:
  • Organizing files and documents and tracking the payments
  • Reduced manpower and improved focus on customers problems
  • Tracking the payment trends of customers
  • Results can be arrived at easily.
  • Offers updated information about the industry.

The Online Rental Business Management Softwares provided by Commodity Rentals makes use of open attribute architecture which helps any business to be started just in few hours. The softwares are made in such a way that not only provides flexibility to the owner but also to the customers of the software.