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 Concept of wazifa and dua in solving love and marriage problems:

Wazifa  is an arabic word. The literal meaning of the word 'wazifa' in English is "to employ".

However, the term wazifa is more commonly used to refer to the practice of reciting some verses or phrases to seek a specific favor or reward. In Sufism, the term refers to the evocation of the qualities of Allah by reciting or meditating on the 99 Names of Allah.


What is the Difference Between Wazifa and Dua  ?

The terms "Wazifa" and "dua" are quite similar but there is a slight difference in their definitions .

When we make it, we can either use our own words or use verses or phrases that have been recommended to us and practiced by The Prophet (peace be upon him), which are included in the established Sunnah.

But in wazifa, even though the words or phrases may be taken from Islamic texts (including from the Qur'an), the way in which they are is not a basis in the sunnah. Almighty ALLAH. The logical definition of wazifa is a particular number of days to receive a specific reward or favor from Almighty ALLAH.

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Some of its services are as follows:

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