Willkommen bei Susanne Ulrike Maria Albrecht

19.03.2012 um 13:53 Uhr





                                                   This is my song

                                             Why is my heart so light?

                                           Why are the stars so bright?

                                                Why is the sky so blue

                                              Since the hour I met you?

                                              Flowers are smiling bright

                                                Smiling for our delight

                                                   Smiling so tenderly

                                               For the world, you and me

                                           I know why the world is smiling

                                                   Smiling so tenderly

                                                It is the same old story

                                                     True all eternity

                                                 Love, this is my song

                                                       Here is a song

                                                     A serenade to you

                                               The world cannot be wrong

                                                If in this world there's you

                                           I care not what the world may say

                                            Without your love there is no day

                                                    So Love this is my song

                                            Here is a song, a serenade, to you



                                                        Charles Chaplin

                                              (Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin)