How To Be A Viking

Feb 27, 2013 at 18:20 o\clock

How To Be A Viking

by: sainty   Keywords: fantasy, football, Vikings

Has Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver Percy Harvin played his final fantasy football game in a Vikings’ uniform? After he publicly expressed frustrations that with the style of offense that the Vikings implement in fantasy football game after fantasy football game, it looks as though he might be getting closer and closer to making that a reality. However, if you ask the Vikings, they have no interest in parting ways with the supremely talented offensive weapon.

The truth is, a guy like Harvin is an awful useful decoy in an offense that is owned and operated by running back Adrian Peterson who is coming off of a career year when he came within nine yards of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record. But Harvin isn’t satisfied with being a decoy. Odds are, is also probably isn’t satisfied with Christian Ponder being the starting quarterback either. See, the Viking don’t just use Peterson as much as they do because he is the league’s best running back and a workhorse (of course those things don’t hurt), but also because Ponder has proven in his two seasons in the league that he probably is not on the verge of becoming an elite quarterback in the NFL now, or probably ever.

When the Vikings shocked the world and went from being a 3-13 team, to a 10-6 team that made the playoffs last year, Ponder emerged as a steady hand to help guide the offense in Minnesota just so long as all of the real heavy lifting was still done by Peterson. In other words, he excelled at being a game manager, and while that might be what head coach Leslie Frazier and the coaching staff want to be successful as a team, that plan problem doesn’t suit Harvin very well, as he is a superstar in the making.