Liebe ist Leidenschaft, die auch Leiden schafft !!!!!!!!!

30.09.2017 um 10:27 Uhr

Kann das Herz jemals vergessen?

Stimmung: Gefühle für Dich
Musik: Alexander Tarasov - The Light of my Soul

Gedankenverloren im Kreislauf des Herzens
Meine geliebte Rose,
es ist jetzt schon mehr als ein Jahr her dass ich meine Gefühle für Dich aufgeschrieben habe. 
Auch wenn ich nicht geschrieben habe, habe ich Dich nicht vergessen.
Jede Nacht bete ich dass es Dir gut geht und Du glücklich im Herzen bist.
Kannst Du Dich noch an das Lied " Playing by Heart " erinnern?
und an die Zeit wo unsere Herzen Achterbahn gefahren sind? 
Es mag jetzt merkwürdig klingen, aber dieses Lied höre ich andauernd,
als ob das Schicksal nicht möchte das ich diese Zeit und die Gefühle vergesse.
Gerade erst am Dienstag als ich bei der Physiotherapie war lief dieses Lied im Hintergrund.
Aber auch ohne dieses Lied kann ich nicht aufhören an Dich zu denken.
Es ist viel Zeit seit dem vergangen und vieles passiert.
Operation, Krankheit, Leid, Trauer, Verlust und Tränen...
aber auch Positives, Lustiges, Freude, Überraschungen...
und in all dieser Zeit habe ich oft an Dich denken müssen
meine geliebte, bezaubernde und liebevolle "Rose".
Sag mir...warum kann ich Dich nicht vergessen??? 
Du wirst wohl für immer und ewig in meinem Herz sein.
So langsam kommt die Kalte Jahreszeit mit Dunkelheit und Kälte.
Das erinnert mich an den Kamin und das Eisbärenfell *smile*
Ich würde mich wirklich freuen wenn Du mir etwas Wärme schicken könntest.
Deine letzten Worte im Gästebuch lassen jedes Mal wenn ich sie lese mein Herz höher schlagen.
Könnten Wir beide doch bloss wieder miteinander schreiben,
dass würde vieles vereinfachen... 

17.05.2016 um 12:11 Uhr

You are...

Stimmung: You are my Feeling in my Heart

You are...

You are the Whisper on the Wind,
the Love that never ends.
You are my bright and shinning Star,
how I wonder who you are...

You are the soft and gentle Caress,
You are the Love and Tenderness.
I feel your Warmth and your Fire,
it`s only you I desire...

Someday I`ll see your Face,
who knows the Time or Place.
The Magic is in the Air,
I can feel it there.

Until then my Love,
we shall only meet in Dreams...

15.05.2016 um 01:47 Uhr

From my Heart

Stimmung: Traurig

From my Heart

A million Stars up in the Sky,
one shines brighter I can`t deny.

A Love so precious a Love so true,
a Love that comes from me to you.

The Angel`s sing when you are near,
within your Arms I have nothing to fear.

You always know just what to say,
just talking to you makes my Day.

I love you Honey with all of my Heart,
together forever and never to part.

13.05.2016 um 06:24 Uhr

Garden full of Tulips

Stimmung: My Heart feel Love inside but also Sadness

Garden full of Tulips

Colorful Tulips in the Garden,
blossom out of your sweet Tenderness
and adorn the delicate Morning,
with your loving Gloss.

What to wear your Hands
and deeply feel in your heart,
shines from your Soul,
the Night yearning Wait
awakens in the first Ray of Sunshine.

12.05.2016 um 11:58 Uhr

You are the only Rose in the Garden of my Heart

Stimmung: I feel your Love deep inside my heart

You`re the only Rose in the Garden of my Heart

Every Night when the Dream comes to me,
I am very close to you...

I dream of your Love, that you give me every Day.

I dream of your Tenderness, which you let me feel every Day.

I dream of your Warmth, with which you hug me every Day.

I dream of your Security, with which you protect me every Day.

I dream of your Scent, with which you enchant me every Day.

And when I wake up in the Morning,
I know that you love me.

11.05.2016 um 06:17 Uhr

The Scent of Love

Stimmung: You are deep in my Heart

The Never Ending Scent of Love

Again satisfies your sweet Fragrance
in every Room, you`re everywhere.
This Odor, which describes your Beauty
and all the While telling me about You.
A intense as You...
Epitome of Luxury... so warm and silky,
as Your Feelings which You give.
As light as a Summer Breeze... like a Lily...
sweet Flower... Sweet Love...
so harmonious... elegant...
You are all the Time in my Mind.
Your Fragrance refreshes the Senses...
and lies down on my Pillow.
I want this Fragrance, and miss no Moment...
He always stays with me,
this beguiling Fragrance has long been
my Addiction.
You are my Yin and Yang,
my most beautiful Sound,
a Fragrance so fascinat beautiful and
beguiling the misting the Senses...
exotic and a little erotically,
this Fragrance is incomparable - that is You...
my beautiful unique Love.

09.05.2016 um 04:04 Uhr

My Heart and Soul flow with Love

Stimmung: A Vow to myself I make...
Musik: Unknown - I`ll love you forever

Reflections of a Beautiful Morning

The Sun rises above the Hillcrest,
as does the Joy of my Heart,
Rays of Warmth and Love,
from her I will never depart.

Fresh Dew upon the Grass,
young Birds chirp in their Nests;
I watch her gently Sleep,
My Love to her I silently profess.

I enjoy the Stillness and Calm,
Watching as she smiles and Dreams;
She brings me to Stillness and Peace,
like that of a slow flowing Stream.

My Heart and Soul flow with Love,
and I smile as I quietly reflect;
I`ve been handed a sweet Princess,
a sweet Princess to Love and to Protect.

A Vow to myself I make,
as She quietly sleeps away;
to Love and always cherish... until my last Day.

08.05.2016 um 05:52 Uhr

Happy Mother`s Day

Stimmung: I love you Mom

A Bouquet Roses for my Mom

Lord, are there Roses in your Garden,
would You pick a Dozen of your Best
and deliver them for me?

For You see, today is Mother`s Day
and I can`t visit my Mom.
For it was 3 Yera`s ago,
the ngel`s came and took her Home.

So if there are Roses in your Garden,
along the Shore`s of the Heavenly Lake,
would you pick a Dozen of your Best
and deliver them for me?

Would you take them to my Mom
and tell her, that I love her
so much.

But I have Joy in knowing,
We`ll meet again Someday
and We`ll pick the Roses together.

07.05.2016 um 08:43 Uhr

Walk along the dirt Road

Stimmung: Not only my heart miss You

This Morning
as I went the dirt Road along,

I picked a Daisy beside the Way.
I thought of my true Love
and where She are today.
I look at the Daisy`s Petals,
they was all white as Snow.
I thought that I should pull them,
to see if She still loves me.
She love me, She love me not,
She love me, She love me not,
this thoughts running through my Mind.
Should I pull the Petals away,
to see what I would find?
My Love is so far away from me
and We have in recent Times,
only a little Contact.
Whatever would the Petals say?
I know that She love me.
I did not need this Flower,
to tell me what I already know,
that She love me,
with a Love so rare and true.
I looked at the Daisy once more,
with thoughts of Love and what We share.
Then I went on the dirt Road Home,
with the Daisy in my Hair.

Darling...I love You!!!

06.05.2016 um 04:57 Uhr

Dancing under the bright Moonlight

Stimmung: You are my Destiny
Musik: Frank Duval - Angel of Mine

Dancing under the bright Moonlight

We danced a Dance to last for a Life time.
You held me close and told me You loved me.
Forever, You shall be in my Heart, Soul and Mind.
I knew You wore the sweetest Woman,
so loving and so kind, to me.
We are meant to be my Love
and be in Love for all Times.
If You wore to come back to me,
I would show You how much You meant to me.
Oh don`t You remeber Us dancing under that
bright Moonlight.
Every thing was serene and beautiful.
Every thing was right.
You wore the One that held my Hand and
comforted me through the Storms.
You are the Sunshine, the Wind and Rain...
and wiped away all the Sadness and Pain.
Once again, You can be all these Things to me,
if only You return.

Please come back my Angel Woman

and tell me those Words of Love into my Ear.
You have nothing to fear,
as I will always be true to You and want only You.
Together We can make the best Couple around,
my Love for You will never cease.
So please come back,
I hope and pray that Someday it will be
like 2 Years ago.

05.05.2016 um 04:36 Uhr

Keeper of my Heart and Dreams

Stimmung: You are my Everything, my Life
Musik: The Platters - Only You

You are the Keeper of my Heart and Dreams

Keeper of my Heart and Dreams

When you are not here
to share my Days and Nights,
my Life is so incomplete,
for You are my Heart, my Soul,
the "Oneness" I had known to seek.

Without You, I merely exist from Day to Day,
with You I know that I will find,
all that I have been searching for,
my Completeness, my eternal Peace of Mind.

You are the Keeper of my heart and Dreams,
the Woman who holds my Heart in her Hands,
the One I want to spend my Life with,
the One with whom I will always stand.

Stand beside through Thick and Thin,
through all that Life will throw Our Way,
knowing that this special Love We share,
will guide Us, each and every Day.

This Journey was started long ago,
before this Time and Place,
the Journey of Completeness,
as two Hearts and Souls embrace.

Forever is what I want with You,
for the Search is at an End,
Our Hearts have found each others,
as Lovers, as Soul-Mates, as Friends.

When You are sad, I will dry Your Tears,
when You are Scared, I will comfort Your Fears,
when You need Love, my Heart I will share,
when You are Sick, for You I will care.

You will feel my Love when We are apart,
knowing that nothing will changes my Heart,
when You are worried, I will give You Hope,
when You are confused, I will help You cope.

When You are lost, and can`t see the Light,
my Love will be a Beacon, shining ever so bright,
this is my Vow, one that I pledge till the End,
for You above all are my Wife and best Friend.

These Words I have written,
speak of my Love for you,
from my lips these Words spoken,
shall always ring true,
God has blessed me,
and with Your Hand in Mine,
Both of Our Hearts,
will forever interwine.

I Love You my Darling
Forever and Ever

03.05.2016 um 04:28 Uhr

Hear never on your Mind, but only on your Heart

Stimmung: In Thoughts of you...
Musik: Celine Dion - I Love You

Ich kann Dich nicht vergessen!!!

I can not forget You!!!

Ich habe Dich kennen gelernt,
ich habe Dich lieben gelernt,
ich habe Dich in mein Herz geschlossen.

I got to know You,
I learned to Love You,
I have locked you in my Heart.

Ich habe Deine Krisen erlebt und konnte sie nicht erklären.

I have seen your Crises and
could not explain it.

Ich habe Dich "ganz unten" gesehen und noch immer nicht verstanden,
weil ich sie nicht kannte - die Welt der Angst und Schatten.

I saw You at the Bottem and still not understood,
because I did not know - the World of
Fear and Shadows.

Bist wieder "geflüchtet" und verschwunden
und ich hatte Angst um Dich.

You are again fled and gone
and I was afraid for You.

Ich ließ Dich nicht gehen, die Liebe zu stark - ich werde es nie vergessen,
Herzen können vor Freude weinen.

I did not let You go,
the Love was too strong -
I`ll never forget
Heart can weep for Joy.

Du bist oft "soweit weg" - obwohl Du bei mir bist,
Du kamst mir immer näher,
wolltest mit mir nur in Gedanken leben - hast dich mit mir gefreut.

You are often "so far away" -
although You are with me,
You came to me ever closer,
just wanted to live
with me in Thought -
have You pleased with me.

Und ich war so naiv,
zu naiv,
um zu begreifen.

And I was so naive,
too naive,
to coceive.

Daß du deine Grenzen selbst noch suchtest.

That You even still were
seeking your Limits.

Du hast Dich zurückgezogen
"Uns beendet"
deinen "Leben" woanders ausgelebt,
und bist wieder geflüchtet.

You have withdrawn yourself
and "Our Relationship ended"
wanted your "Life" make differently,
and are fled again.

Weil ich nicht geahnt habe,
wie schmerzhaft Nähe und Vertrauen für Dich sein können.
Und daß Du mich mit Deinem Abschied nur "schützen" wolltest,
obwohl es nur Schmerzen brachte.

Because I had no idea,
how painful can be Close to and Trust for You.
That You wanted to "Protect" me with your
Departure only,
though it brought only Pain.

Ich weiß, daß es nicht um mich geht,
auch wenn meine Angst Dich zu verlieren,
mir während Deiner Krisen "den Hals zuschnürt"
mich egoistisch und selbstgerecht macht
und ich dann wenig einfühlsam bin.

I know that it`s not about me here,
even when my Fear of losing You
me during your Crises,
"My Neck constricted"
made me selfish and self-righteous
and I was not sufficiently sensitive then.

Ich will Dich lieben dürfen,
auch wenn Dich Nähe bedrohen kann,
ich will Dein Partner sein, Dein Verbündeter.

I want to be allowed to love You,
even if you close can threaten,
I want to be your Partner, your Ally.

Ich will Dich begleiten auf Deinem Weg ins Licht,
auch wenn Du mich noch so oft auf die Probe stellst
und mich verletzt.

I want to accompany you on your Way
to the Light,
even if You do put me again and again
to the Sample and hurt me.

Vielleicht war meine Vorstellung von Liebe zu egoistisch?
Vielleicht lerne ich gerade wie Liebe sein müßte?
Vielleicht brauchst Du einen Teil meiner Liebe in einer Form,
die Dir in Deinem Leben zu früh "entzogen" wurde?

Perhaps my Imagination
of Love for selfish?
Maybe I`m just learning
how Love should be?
Maybe You need a Part of my Love
in Form the You in your Life
too early "withdrawn" were?

Ich bin Dir nah auch wenn Du "flüchtest"
auch wenn Du mich verletzt - sehr -
auch wenn ich ratlos und in Panik bin.

I`m close to You
even if You "run away"
even if You hurt me - very -
although I stumped and am in Panic.

Keinem darfst Du glauben, der Dich schuldig nennt,
keiner hat das Recht Dich weiter zu verletzen,
sag mir wenn ich es tue ohne es zu ahnen.

None You can not believe
the calls you guilty,
none has the Right to hurt you further
tell me if I do it without realizing it.

Sag mir Deine Grenzen - auch wenn sie sich verschieben
und zeige mir Dein Vertrauen,
in dem Du nicht den Mut verlierst,
auch nicht, wenn Du Dich dann manchmal schämst
für Deine Panik
und Deine Rundumschläge.

Tell me Your Limits - even if they move to and show me Your Trust,
where You do not lose the Courage
even if You have then sometimes ashamed for your Panic
and your round Envelopes.

Sei nicht zu stolz,
sei nicht zu hart.

Do not be too Proud,
do not be too Hard.

Und laß Uns "langsam machen" - daß hab ich übersehen,
daß man auf einem eingleisigen Schienenstrang,
nicht überholen kann ohne zu entgleisen.

And let Us "make slow"
- that I`ve overlooked,
that on a Single-Track of Rails,
can not overtake without be derailed.

Du bist in mein Leben geflüchtet wie ein Zugvogel,
der sich auf dem Weg in die Wärme,
mit Absicht verflogen hat
und ich,
ich werde fest daran glauben,
dass es mir gelingt Dich,
vor dem Erfrieren
zu beschützen.

You are taken refuge in my Life
as a migratory Bird,
which on the Way in the Heat
has gone on purpose and me,
I will believe firmly,
that I succeed You,
to protect against Freezing.

02.05.2016 um 18:04 Uhr

Fly back to the Origin of our Destiny

Stimmung: In Thoughts back to the Past, to The Day where it all began on the 21 November 2013
Musik: Frank Duval - If I could fly away

I would love fly back with You
where it all began for Us.

I have make many Mistakes
in this Time.

I hope that You
can give me the Chance,
to show You that our Love
and our Relationship
was never a Fault.

For me was our Love
and our Relationship
never a Game or a Joke.

From the first Day,
was our Love and our Relationship
for me as so real as
the Blood that flows
through my Veins.

02.05.2016 um 16:57 Uhr

I love you and will always be by your Side

Stimmung: Full of Love for You!!!
Musik: Sade - By Your Side

My beloved lovingly wonderful Darling...

today on this Day,
We are 2 Years, 5 Months,
1 Week and 4 Days together.

This means 127 Weeks and 4 Days
or 889 Days,
I know this Numbers are indeed Facts,
but do not express what they mean...
29 Months 1 Week and 4 Days
may perhaps sound not like much,
but when you consider
how close We have come to Us,
that is an Eternity.

We have been through a lot
and had to overcome many Problems
and there are certainly Problems
still continue to stand in Our Way.
But Together,
We will succeed.
We will still need many Months
to Us to accept each other
and to get to know each other.

You know,
that You mean much more to me,
than anything in this World.
You also know,
that I will never abandon You.
Because I know,
that We share more
than just a Partnership.

With You,
I will live far away from the City
outside in the Nature
in a House
and experience many beautiful
and charming Moments.
I want to grow old with You.
You`re the Woman and the Life,
I`ve always wanted.

It will take a very long Time
until We can begin this Life.
I`ll wait,
I`ll wait for YOU!!!

I hope and wish
with all my Heart,
that You have the same Desire
and the same Hopes
and feel as I do.

30.04.2016 um 22:25 Uhr

You'll never be alone, because I am here for you...

Stimmung: My Heart is full of Love for You!!!
Musik: Sarah McLachlan - In The Arms Of An Angel

Whatever will happen,
I will always be there for You
and always and forever help You
my beloved Darling.

Because I Love You with all my Heart.
I know that it is not always easy for You.
But please keep in your Mind that I am
always be there for You.
Together We will overcome the Way.
The Fate brought Us together
not without a Reason.

30.04.2016 um 10:30 Uhr

Always on my Mind

Stimmung: A Sense of Longing in the Heart...
Musik: Michael Buble - Always on my Mind

Ein Gefühl von Sehnsucht im Herzen...

A Sense of Longing in the Heart...
 Hast Du auch manchmal das Gefühl,
dass sich etwas immer wieder
in Deine Gedanken schleicht?

Do you also feel sometimes,
that something again and again
creeps into your Thoughts?

Etwas was Dir das Gefühl nach Liebe und Sehnsucht spüren lässt?

Something that makes you feel
a Sense of Love and Longing?

Erst ist es nur ein Gefühl,
was man mit Worten nicht beschreiben kann.

At first it`s just a Feeling,
what you can not describe in Words.

Doch nach und nach entsteht ein Bild in Eurem Herzen,
ein Bild von dem Menschen,
den Du von ganzen Herzen liebst
und die aber NICHT bei Dir sein kann...!!!

But gradually creates an Image in your Heart,
a Picture of this People,
whom you love with all your Heart
and but CAN NOT be with you...!!!

Und so geht es mir momentan,
ich habe Sehnsucht im Herzen nach
meiner einzigen großen wahren Liebe!!!

And just as I feel right now,
I desire in the Heart
after my only great true Love!!!

30.04.2016 um 04:23 Uhr

My Angel I send you all my Love...

Stimmung: Thinking of you...
Musik: Yanni - Never Too Late

Please forgive me...

30.04.2016 um 03:51 Uhr

Please forgive me ...

Stimmung: I wished you will come back my Darling
Musik: Blackmore`s Night - Where Are We Going From Here

I let my beloved Angel fly
and stay back with loving
Memories of you.
Memories of a Time,
where the Heart triumphed over reason.
Unfortunately, however, this Time
only a Memories.

he will always exist
in my Heart and in my Soul.

Because I can not forget her
I can not stop to love her
  and please forgive me God,
that I am my Angel that you have sent me
grief prepare.
Take her lovingly in your Arms
and please protect
my beloved and wonderful Angel.

29.04.2016 um 21:37 Uhr

You will always be in my Heart...Forever!!!

Stimmung: When Tears flow and the Heart cry
Musik: Jessica Simpson - I Wanna Love You Forever

The only Thing
I can say to You is:
"I'm Sorry"
"Please forgive me"
I Love You Forever...
I'll always be there for you...

29.04.2016 um 19:44 Uhr

When Sadness fills the Heart

Stimmung: I feel me very sad but I love you and can`t stop it...
Musik: Sara Evans - Can`t stop loving You

I see how you are suffering and that fills my Heart with Sadness
I know that it's my Fault and therefore
I take my Hat and my Coat and go the Way to give you the Space.

But my Love and my Feelings for you
I will always
carry in my Heart
and when you should need me someday, I will be there for you.
I will never let you be alone.
Darling I will "Always" and "Forever" love you
till my last Breath,
for you are

my only true Love.