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19.01.2018 um 05:32 Uhr

The Wall of Witnesses

The Wall of Witnesses - Israel

„It was not long ago when visiting the home for Holocaust survivors in Haifa/Israel when an elderly Lady asked: “What will happen when we all have died? Will anybody believe that it all happened?” Holocaust denial is growing today all across the world. But what is as tragic is that many are relativizing the singular evil of the Holocaust. It has become all too common to compare the atrocities carried out under Nazi Germany to modern political events.

“Wall of Witnesses” is a platform where we will share the testimonies and stories of people who survived Auschwitz, Treblinka, the death march and other places of evil. They were the few who survived the killing machinery of Hitler. The less than 200.000 survivors who are still alive today in Israel give voice to those 6 Million who did not survive or to the Millions of survivors who have passed away during the past six decades.

We do good to listen to their stories as a new type of Anti-Semitism is growing in our days. It is not hatred against the Jew among your neighbors but it is hatred against the Jew among the nations – the state of Israel. It is also about to give the needed dignity for the survivors that their story and their suffering has been taken note of and that people are not only listening but will assure that history will not repeat itself again.

With this project we want to assure not only that we will remember the wickedness of previous generations, but that we also do everything to change the future.“

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Wand, Jerusalem, Israel, Altstadt

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