09.01.2005 um 19:36 Uhr

Vanitas (9.1.2005)

von: AngelInChains   Kategorie: Lyrik: Vanitas

Every breath is a smile of death
Every tear brings us closer to gloom
Transitoriness is our only true god
Life is only leading to the end
Thus all living is not more than dying

Why do you fear eternity?
Perrishing is every beauty
Birth and decay are the circle of life
So why does your soul cry out in pain
When farewell calls?

We know that there's no eternal youth
But does a soul know what the mind has accepted?
So never we'll lose what we loved without pain
Until time comes for us to be lost ourselves
When our bodies are dust, our souls remain shadows

Ain't it paradox to love life, the part just of dying
And hating death itself?
But who of you all wants to think of the end?
And still life's bloom is death
And death's bloom is life.

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