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The boom of the tourism also produces its problems

von: askain

The boom of the tourism also produces its problems

Care with the fraud!! 

 The Travel Agencies utilize Internet for promoters their business.  The use of this media has grown hardly in the last years and the competence each time is greater.  The Web as a marketing strategy is an excellent opportunity to obtain better sales. During the 1960s heavy emphasis was placed on tourism as a sources of foreign exchange, a catalyst of development, a hedge against the uncertain fluctuations of commodity prices. Today, tourism’s status as a major economic activity is in no doubt as international tourist earnings top US$ 527 billions and over 638 million tourist visits abroad are made annually (2.000). Today 212 million people around the globe are employed in travel and tourism, a business that earns US$ 3.4 trillion annually.

There are three different aspects that enable these organizations to confront these
competence: quality, client satisfaction and security in its offering.

The tourists consider that the use of Internet to plan their trips is a very useful tool and even now they have had confidence in the offerings of trips. 

Nevertheless for the first time more or less 3.000 tourists in the United Kingdom were defrauded by, more than 2 million pounds sterling by means of offerings of holidays by Internet. 

The cheats created various places on the Internet with offerings, attractions of fraudulent vacation packages and they promoted them.  Once they registered the payments of thousands of tourists the places, the cheats and the money disappeared. 

Even people that took some precautions fell in the deceit due to the similarity with legitimate offerings; for example, names they were utilized and directions of real hotels that some tourists recognized and the corresponding requests were dealt with to seem an agency of trips properly registered. 

A woman of 30 and so many years and a man of more than 60 years were arrested in London with relation to these frauds. 


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Los Hijos Infinitos

von: askain


 de Andrés Eloy Blanco


Cuando se tiene un hijo, se tiene al hijo de la casa y al de la calle entera, se tiene al que cabalga en el cuadril de la mendiga y al del coche que empuja la institutriz inglesa y al niño gringo que carga la criolla y al niño blanco que carga la negra y al niño indio que carga la india y al niño negro que carga la tierra.


Cuando se tiene un hijo, se tienen tantos niños que la calle se llena y la plaza y el puente y el mercado y la iglesia y es nuestro cualquier niño cuando cruza la calle y el coche lo atropella y cuando se asoma al balcón y cuando se arrima a la alberca; y cuando un niño grita, no sabemos si lo nuestro es el grito o es el niño, y si le sangran y se queja, por el momento no sabríamos si el ¡ay! es suyo o si la sangre es nuestra.


Cuando se tiene un hijo, es nuestro el niño que acompaña a la ciega y las Meninas y la misma enana y el Príncipe de Francia y su Princesa y el que

tiene San Antonio en los brazos y el que tiene la Coromoto en las piernas.


Cuando se tiene un hijo, toda risa nos cala, todo llanto nos crispa, venga de donde venga.


Cuando se tiene un hijo, se tiene el mundo adentro y el corazón afuera. Y cuando se tienen dos hijos se tienen todos los hijos de la tierra, los millones de hijos con que las tierras lloran, con que las madres ríen, con que los mundos sueñan, los que Paul Fort quería con las manos unidas para que el mundo fuera la canción de una rueda, los que el Hombre de Estado, que tiene un lindo niño, quiere con Dios adentro y las tripas afuera, los que escaparon de Herodes para caer en Hiroshima entreabiertos los ojos, como los niños de la guerra, porque basta para que salga toda la luz de un niño una rendija china o una mirada japonesa.


Cuando se tienen dos hijos se tiene todo el miedo del planeta, todo el miedo a los hombres luminosos que quieren asesinar la luz y arriar las velas y ensangrentar las pelotas de goma y zambullir en llanto ferrocarriles de cuerda.


Cuando se tienen dos hijos se tiene la alegría y el ¡ay! del mundo en dos cabezas, toda la angustia y toda la esperanza, la luz y el llanto, a ver cuál es el que nos llega, si el modo de llorar del universo el modo de alumbrar de las estrellas

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Latin America: economy and political

von: askain

The region: different growths


The macroeconomic figures that show the sub region they are good, being maintained the positive as in 2005.  It, despite that begins to be seen signs of deceleration.


Nevertheless, this good result is not similar for all the countries and even necessarily is not related in a direct way with the percentages of the growth.


The region continues being vulnerable to the external effects: at the end of last decade, in a negative sense on account of the effects of the Asian Crisis and today, in favorable terms thanks al dynamism of the world economy and of the exporting demand of countries as China. 


What should be evaluated are the degrees of armor that the domestic economies achieved in the years in which the growth is good.


The form as was faced the economic growth permits to draw a dividing line among the South American economies.  It is not the same thing the high growth reckoned of Venezuela, in the middle of the petroleum prosperity, that the growth moderate of Brazil.  In the first case an endemic distribution of an rent economy is reprinted, while in the second advances in consolidating reforms that do solid the growth achieved.


Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay show -in different degrees –a solid growth that, arrived the moment of deceleration, they will receive a more reduced impact. 



Artificial growth


On the other hand, there are countries of artificial growth, almost only scenografic, that can impress in some cases (Venezuela and Argentina) by its percentages, but it express train a direct reflection of the good behavior of the exports as well as of the distorting intervention of the State in the economy through the price controls or of stiff regulatory frameworks.  The two countries mentioned, more Bolivia, they have opted for discouraging and to bother to the foreign investment. 


Equator and Paraguay should be added to the list, only that in the last case by the proximity to be included in a category of failed State, their vulnerabilities (corruption, contraband, crime organized) darken since already any statistical growth. 


Argentina of Kirchner is a dramatic strategic vision lack example to be presented the theme of the development from the high index of growth of recent years. 


The focus politicized has carried al government to prioritize the short time limit, like the cooption of leaders 'piqueteros' to be assured in the immediate thing a governability guaranteed, besides the investments in infrastructure, even in energy matter where, besides itself hidden to the population the reality of the sector through the use of the subsidy. 


The case of the Brazil


Different is the case of Brazil. The president Lula dissipated the fears that the community of business had on its government and showed a long-range look al to deepen the reforms of its ancestor, of which was an opponent, al to control even with sacrifice of its popularity the inflation and al to refuse to apply measures populists when was seen affected by the crisis of corruption of the Party of the Workers. 





Hegemony and confrontation


In the quarter in analysis has remained in marked evidence the eagerness of the government of the president Hugo Chávez by achieving positions politically hegemonic as in the region: the subscription of the Commercial Treaty of the Towns that links to Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, whose global economic meaning can be reduced, but whose political symbolism consists of being presented as comparison to the subscription in  Agreement of Free Commerce among USA and Colombia and Peru. 


The agreement prompted by Chávez will signify the contribute of financial resources to Bolivia to subsidize the acquisition of petroleum and/or to build infrastructure gasiform.  The petroleum prosperity that has Venezuela permits to support an important part of the requests of the Bolivian economy.


Chávez plant a focus of confrontation in the search of the construction hegemonic and the it express train in the attacks and retaliations to who considers an obstacle.  Is also of political order, the incorporation of Venezuela al Mercosur as full member. 


In fact, the Caribbean country should enlarge its tariffs in some products to be put to tone with the high rates of the countries signatories of the tried Assumption. 


The Mercosur, company tensioned by crisis among its native members, Venezuela will fortify the most radical pole -up to now headed by Argentina- counting for it, with the contest of an associated member, Bolivia. 


There is no doubt that the purpose of Chávez is to head -probably with Brazilian opposition- a referring one of traditional integration and to record it in its permanent politics of confrontation with USA.  Does not it stop resulting curious that, in parallel al mentioned income, have subscribed an agreement of Strategic Alliance with Argentina.


Venezuela and Argentina


The incident of Venezuela in the economy and the politics of Argentina is another fact of growing importance. Meaning contribute of resources with the purchase by the government of Caracas of bonds of the public debt Argentina; important meaning energy agreements through which Hugo Chávez intends to build a pipeline toward the Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, with the attraction to offer petroleum subsidized in exchange for having inherencies in the political-strategic decisions of the countries apparently benefited. 


At the same time, the administration Kirchner, for whom the strategic alliances they have a relative value determined by the joint, in this case finds in the Venezuela present greater ideological convergence. 


Ecuador and de crude oil


The Venezuelan financial presence also causes feels in Ecuador through the subscription of an agreement between the two state petroleum businesses, by virtue of which Ecuador will provide crude oil and Venezuela will deliver products refined what imports a decrease of cost for the Ecuadorian State. 


It is a profitable covenant for this country given its great lack in infrastructure renewal matter, especially in the aspect of refining and profitable for the government of Chávez that earns spaces of political influence in a traditionally unstable country, where the revolutionary populism can be written down in the Government or to be a prominent social and political actor. 


Venezuela and Paraguay


To this agreement should be added the possibility that studies the government of Caracas to buy part of the debt of the Paraguayan state business Itaipú in which can permit him to have inherencies in the administration of the abundant water resources of Paraguay, another advance in the search of the hegemony of its geopolitical interests. 


Legal security


In the quarter in analysis the crucial, legal security for the arrival, consolidation and expansion of the investments, is shown in precarious state in various countries of the region: high risk expropriator in Venezuela, Bolivia and Equator; increment of the discretionarily in the regulatory factor in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Equator; and political intimidation to the investments, in Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. 


The risk expropriator has been expressed in Venezuela through the way to take the immediate control -on the part of the State- of the mines of gold and diamonds that be considered unproductive, and through the expropriation of the productive businesses that refuse to celebrate a new contract of concession that establishes a 'joint venture' where the State have majority presence. Is somewhat similar to what happened at the end of 2005 in the private petroleum sector. 


In Bolivia, once nationalized the hydrocarbons, the government has announced the expropriation of lands that do not comply with a social function -obviously determined by the State- or that have been acquired illegally, where diverse agricultural grounds of Brazilians are included, located in the frontier zone.  Also the appropriation by the State of the actions that Administrative of pension Fund, of Swiss and Spanish capitals, they had in petroleum businesses nationalized.  Finally, the announcement that the State will assume the control of the majority of the actions of six mixed businesses in the areas of energy, railroads and telecommunications. 


An expression of risk expropriator there was in Equator when the government decides to expropriate the deposits of Western Petroleum (Oxy), explained as the culmination of a judicial process initiated when said tanker transferred the 40% of the rights of exploitation in Equator to the Canadian Encana without communicating it al State.


A clear threat of expropriation is the warning of the president Nestor Kirchner to the private enterprises that operate in the energy sector that will expire them itself the concessions when be considered, by the government, that its investments do not register the adequate levels.  In this manner the authority wants to avoid that the businesses of the sector concentrate their attention in the most productive zones and they leave abandoned the deposits of smaller performance. 


Discretionarily in the change of the regulatory framework is notified in Venezuela where the government altered the taxation of the private enterprises that operate in the petroleum refining.  In a unilateral way decided to enlarge the tax to the income to the foreign companies of a 34% al 50% and the payment of royalty since the 16,67% al 33,3%. 


The same discretionarily in the variation of the tax rules is it imposed by the Argentine government to the importing countries of its natural gas, especially to Chile, transferring of that form to you said consumers the increment of prices of the natural gas that acquires of Bolivia. 


Kirchner rejected the alternative to negotiate a tax readjust and opted for imposing it compulsively although it value to know not agreements of  gas integration that are in force. 


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50 millonen Blogs

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Flanke 3000

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Rosales vs. Chavez

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Die Haupt politischen Nachrichten von Venezuela ist dass die Opposition zu Regierung von Chavez, der von Manuel Rosales gewählt wird, heute Gouverneur des Staatlichen Zulia (Hauptstadt: Maracaibo), als sein Einheitkandidat für die Präsidentschaftskampagne von Dezember 2006.

Rosales, von 53 Jahren und 27 von politischem Laufbahn ist ein Demokrat von den zwei entgegensetzen nur Gouverneure von den 24 Staaten vom Land, und war reelect in 2004, den gebevölkertsten Staat von Venezuela zu regieren, mit 3.2 Millionen Einwohnern. Die Arbeit von Rossales, als regionaler Politiker erfolgreich gewesen ist. Der Unterschied, zum Beispiel, unter der Stadt von Caracas, der völlig in der historischen Mitte und dem angenehmen Leben in Maracaibo für alle Bürger verlassen wird, ist offensichtlich und leicht, zu zeigen.

Chavez ist ein politischer Autokrat und Mythoswahnsinniger. Dieser Politiker hat eine Revolution angeboten, die Armut zu verringern, aber die Armut während 7 Jahre von Mandat er ist und vieles von den Dollar vermehrt worden, dem dem Erdöl dem er hat gedient nur für Reise Al Äußeres und für sehr verschiedene Länder zur Form zu sein von den Venezolanern besucht, als Russland, Irak, Iran, Vietnam.

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El Tipp

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Tipp: wenn Du den Microsoft Internet Explorer ab Version 5.5 oder den Mozilla Browser ab Version 1.3 verwendest, steht Dir hier ein toller grafischer Editor zum Eintrag schreiben zur Verfügung. Tip: if you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 5.5 or the Mozilla browser from version 1.3, is available write you here a crazy graphic editor the entry to. Tip: si usted utiliza al Explorador del Internet de Microsoft, versión 5,5, o el navegador de Mozilla, versión 1,3, entonces puede escribe aquí con el redactor gráfico dispoible. Como yo utilizo una E-Mac entonces en este momento estoy navegando con SAFARI. En otro momento utilizaré Mozilla y entonces trataré de subir una buena música, pero esto será después pues ahora sólo estoy probando este Blog. As I utilize an E-Mac then at this time I am sailing with SAFARI. In another moment I will utilize Mozilla and then I will try to rise a good music, but this will be later therefore now only I am testing this Blog. Während ich einen E Mac dann zurzeit ich verwende, segle mit SAFARI. In einem anderen Moment werde ich Mozilla verwenden und dann ich werde versuchen, eine gute Musik zu steigen, aber dies wird später daher jetzt nur ich prüfe dieses Blog sein.

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Viele Dank. Ich lade ein, mein Blog zu sehen. Mein Blog ist auf Spanish und auf Englisch geschrieben.
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