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KI ,the crazy title

The pregnant women have their fetus and they should take in enough KI to protect their fetus. Once the pregnant woman is contaminated with radioactive,she should stop nursing and take in some KI. Because the radioactive KI

will quickly spread into breast milk. And the nursing should continue, the food of the baby should be formular or other food. The men who are older than 40 years should not take KI unless the department recommend it because they have the lowest chance of developing cancer or thyroid after contamination with radioactive iodine. What’s more they also have a greater chance of getting reaction to KI.

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the secret of hydrochloric acid in our body

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As we are aging ,we may become not as active as before. So does our body. As webecoms older, the cells in our stomach may produce <a href=> hydrochloric acid</a>  less and less . This is especially true of some peoplewho love to eat following foods. Such as the foods which are cooked too long orput too much seasoning.The second type is those meat which aredifficult-to-digest such as red meat and fried foods. The third is the chemicalfoods which contain artificial preservatives and additives. Maybe you may think that soft drinks are safe. However , they contain high amouts of phosphorus and white sugar. The last one you may know it well. It is the barbequed foods, theynot only cause cancer but also cause high digestive stress.

At the same time, you don’t need to eat less or don’t dare to eat something. All these just warn you that you had better takesomething into consideration. The percent of the people who have low stomachacid can increase with their ages going up. As we can see from some datas, over50% of the people over age60 have low stomach acid. But by age 85, 80% have lowstomach acid. Some statistics may shock you that healthy stomach acid can helpus keep some bacteria away from our body while when you are in bad health, youmust experience the microbes in you. Hydrochloricacid belongs to the first line which can protect you and at least kills somebasic ones. Weak stomach acid will allow infecting organisms to get past thestomach and infect other segments. In this way some diseases occur such as foodpoisoning and dysbiosis of the intestinal tract.

peoplewho can be infected in a easy way. It is linked with young people because theyusually drink too much alcohol and eat too many pain killers when they have some aches.