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Nov 18, 2015 at 13:21 o\clock

CSGO Account

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We are extremely excited to announce the acquisition of long time Cs24h.com member, Jonathan Berg.  He will be replacing FLY in the starting lineup, effective immediately.

CSGO ACCOUNT cs go account 

CS GO ACCOUNTS brings a wealth of counter strike experience to the North American, – having won Dreamhack Winter 2013, the first ever major in CS GO Accounts history.  Later in 2014, he decided to step down as a player and assumed the role of coach for team cs24h.com. During his term as Coach CSGO ACCOUNT he won his second major, Cs Go Accounts2015 as cs24h.com  cs go account became the first ever team to win two majors.  Using this experience he will play a critical role in the growth and maturity of the already talented Cs GO Accounts team.