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Help you to understand the meaning of life a few books

To be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future
Dan Allender tends to use a lot of Christian language in his work, but his writing can help anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and do better in life. The more you know about yourself, the better able you will be to understand why you do what you do, and how to make changes that will lead to your success in life.
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
Check your ego at the door, and enjoy a more abundant life. This is the message from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, who talks about how the ego is the cause of all conflict in life. This book was selected by Oprah Winfrey for her book club, and has been read by millions.
The Hundred-Year Marathon
This is a book chronicling the secret strategy of China to usurp the US as the global superpower. Author Michael Pillsbury, who has served in senior national security positions within the US government, uses his own personal knowledge of the subject to give us this wake-up call to challenges within national security.
Let Your Life Speak
This book by Parker Palmer is a great book about work and meaning. The ideas in the book will help you with your vocation, by letting you see the author's journey. There are loads of great quotes, which you are likely to read many times over for daily inspiration and affirmation.

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Damn they're so soft

After many months waiting and teasing my lady friend finally came in town to visit me for a while. "Good morning baby." she says to me as I come down the stairs. I look up and instantly was turned on. Her beautiful chocolate skin being warmed by the sunlight peeking through the window oh so slightly. Her tits looking to escape from their laced prison. As her ass is being hugged so lovely by her silk robe. "Good morning baby" I reply as I walk behind her and wrap my arms around her waist Se7en beauty.
"You took so long in the shower you're gonna be late for work", she hounds me. the only thing I can hear is her slight moan as she feels my hands rub on her smooth wet pussy through her panties. She moves her ass across my erection. I move my hands all over her body, sliding her robe down slightly as I kiss on her neck and shoulders. I look over at the clock and my phone rings. " we need you to come in now." my boss says frantically.
I grab my womans waist and kiss her neck one more time. "I dont want to. But I gotta go." She turns around and frowns. I couldn't resist to kiss her lips (Damn they're so soft). "I understand baby." She replies to me. A few hours go by and we finally resolve the issue at my job. They always look to me to fix the unorganized bull shit when the new hires come in and my boss gets pounded with paper work.
The whole time I couldn' laser facial t stop thinking about how fucking sexy and delicious diamond looked in her robe and panties. It's taking everything in my power to keep my erection down. After awhile my boss says latina girls naked I can go home early (cause I handle my business like that). The whole drive home I'm thinking how I'm going to eat diamonds pussy like there's no tomorrow. I pull up and walk to my door. As I open my door I already hear some moaning and bed squeaking.
I go for my weapon. "Oh somebody is getting fucked up today", I whisper to myself. I slowly move up the stairs and slightly open up my bed room door. On the bed I see diamonds head pulled back, arch in her back, mouth wide open with her fingers between the lips of her pussy. On the t.v is a home movie of her and I that we made a few days back. I watch hot naked asian girls her as her moans become louder as she rubs on her clit. Mad I was at first, ready to commit a violent act on a trespasser.
Now so turned on my eyes can't move from this sexy sight. My hands move down to my dick and I start to stroke As I watch her please her self in ways that I didn't know she liked gym equipment hong kong.

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with a lifetime of time

Childhood memories. You always like to keep long hair shawl of ink, graceful, a leisure gown hit the body, standing beside my desk, index finger gently pointed to Chinese characters, Tan mouth slightly open is flowing in the Pearl. furnished apartments for rent This small world, because of the mother's love has become bright and beautiful.
Streamer easy to abandon, red cherry, green banana. In my heart, your image gradient.
When school, I always love to stay in school. Wait until you want to go home, it was already dark and gloomy shades, dignified, and sometimes even the storm, -- lose one's temper. But I did not feel afraid, because you like the warm sun of spring like a genial smile will always be on time in the big banyan tree flashed, like morning dawn like warmth and hope. You clung to the thin body, the cold wind seemed to become gentle and slow.
Memory, such as the river carp like a cyclotron, now is a junior high school students of my school heavy, childhood childish fun has been far away from me, but the thought of those warm days, the heart of warmth flowing.
And fought a losing battle, looked too horrible to look at scores DR REBORN, the sad mood fly -- night.
The rhythm of the rain washed the earth, though not large, but as the ancient Ming, sonorous blows in my heart. It is midnight, tick of second hand rolled in, this night is extraordinarily clear All sounds are still.. Withdraw from different job, not stretch head aches, packed with red fork filled the papers, miserable in your bedroom door.
Gently push the door, with the "crunch" of a sound, there was silence. Walk to the desk, the penguin shaped lamp shed a dazzling white light. Your tired arm pillow and sleep, hair strands of white hair was shining, I see there. Like
To test, and out: "the dawn, the up to cook the!"
You suddenly wake up, the soles of the feet of the wind, take off the door and out, actually put me on the side of the desk. Watch you hurry back, the expansion of the hearts of sorrow and grief, secretly holding a paper hand backward the, mind only one thought: don't want to disappoint you.
The fool, the last time I test failure.
Thinking of this, calm and peaceful mood, such as water, no waves. This thing seems to have become beautiful, full of spirituality!
The sun is shining, the cicada manic four.
The hot afternoon, impatience because I worry, but speak against you. Hope you to distraction to go out, the weary back with memory that high spirited woman coincide, the heart can not help a sour se.
Young you, full of youth, full of vigor and vitality, but with my birth, growth, you gradually abandoned the you love, fitness, shopping, makeup, etc.. Daily leisure gown hit the body, long hair with a rubber band with simple ink on the back of the head, not to wipe the makeup. With the loss of time, white tender skin gradually dry, rough, wrinkles such as strips of gully like printed on the forehead, Liangbinbanbai DR REBORN.
"Buckle." The ringing sound of knocking at the door pulled me away. When I look back, a cup of reeky tea is placed in the door, the fragrance, dense fog. With great care to end up, light sip, full of sweet, fragrant lips and teeth. Such as jasmine's fresh breath, like the smell of your body. Remember that water cut like eyes, the gentle heart embedded as water, forever and ever.
"Remember that time, remember love." Mother, your love, like cow licking the calf like unforgettable, like fresh tea kind makes me intoxicated, like the scene yesterday like fresh. In a long time, I want to use my heart to beat, with a lifetime of time, to read you, read out your love!

Jun 11, 2015 at 05:45 o\clock

like pulling large pieces

Night, night don't love, I adore you, also very fancy you, you is I love dawn, foresight, without you, I will be unable to move. You are my dream Dabao, giving a gentle sleep in milk. Your love is like the clouds that are stacked, like I have come to cover me with the earth below, like grabbing from the dark, separating those ubiquitous attempts. Like in front of me a love tent, it is so quiet and I cover, buried no one will perceive the kind of running before the dawn, Home decoration shouting and love crazy.
Like the smooth river, lit the smoke, like pulling large pieces of cloth in the fog scraping, in the swing. Those flashing weimang plants, in a shape of a swing, fled the carp in the jump, slide travel.
On the other side of no pasture, not to stay in place, only the long stem water under the bridge, rocked in the water in the dream, many swing. Like a reed fluttering, like Xu Wei flying, those dark fens in fantasy, Tiaodang in sepulchral reed in the dream, such as carp leaping called life made surprisingly to. Like in the quiet of the night to elope, in the boundless wild in the bonfire, that fire suddenly, flashing in the night of the window, floating. Love is like the realm in the dust, free love ranch in grazing, born in water fire, fire like burning in the water of the dream universe, floating Business Centre in Hong Kong.
Like at this time to listen to their own fantasy, feel mysterious stirring, like in love impulse born fire, fire in the dash, fire in the cleaning. I was the mysterious burst, listen to your disposal, the ubiquitous wonders, like the Menger as laying, like in the flames of love spit fire, burning my dream binding in love.
A city is a dream, my in the mind of the night moderation, those belong to my thing why is free to take, like a dream is chopped the same, I in the all encompassing pain cries, a tear. No rest, only wanton endless mind, given the subdued, Medilase like laying in a dream, no indulgence, Di Dang.

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watching the sunset

A string if stretched too tightly, there is always one day will break and a heart if imprisoned for too long, there is always a day will lose balance, we need to release the soul, let the heart fly in the free sky Production Diploma.
Everyone will imperceptibly into confusion, don't know is too tired, or heart more and more impetuous, walking in the familiar with the crowd, looking at faces like the familiar and unfamiliar faces, will become increasingly blurred, the moment farfetched smiling face stiff in the face, as the withered flowers, in the wind Sese swaying, there is no life.
The worldly troubles, the trivial life make people exhausted, night, tearing the mask is full of tired face, atheism of the pupil, I urgently want to escape from the surrounding is reinforced concrete pile frame of urban, stop the daily busy shuttle in the busy Ichii Ri. But, but I do not step the pace, how to also go not out of that circle...
In these anxious and helpless, the only thing I can do is to use words to gratitude, not to retain some memory, just want to let the mind a release.
Occasionally a person to travel, look forward to very much! All here or on a strange road, watching strange people and enjoy the different scenery, happy red when people laugh, do not want to speak, lowers the head to continue to move forward; a person, arrived at the beach, sitting in an empty beach, watching the ebb and flow of the tides, watching the blue sea water, watching the sunset, also won't feel lonely, empty; a person, sitting in the bus, walking in the bustling traffic, look around in a hurry passer-by, look at the surrounding downtown, or bleak scenery, also won't feel upset or sad, a person holding the camera, walk in the ancient Town, stepping on the Qing Shiban Road, watching the bridges people, is how happy Dr Max!
This spring, I do not have to go out, but I can imagine, in March of the south, is picturesque, beautiful and dazzling, the United States was enchanted, in the garden of fresh flowers, wild green Ambilight, flying in the blue sky and white clouds fly, green water Shiba canoe in Dang Yang, the vast lawn children in the play.
At this point, I seemed to go into the field, the spring breeze slowly, from the heart of the Buddha, heart suddenly light dance float in the sky, I saw the side of the road has been covered with green grass, has not cleared the fog of the morning dew stay above the glittering and translucent like bright phearl on, a ray of sunshine through the mist through the jungle of shot in my face, my restless heart finally at the moment have a touch of calm.
My gratitude to these days, has been gradually used to use words to record them, when to turn up, a line of characters such as ripples in a pool of spring water, in moments of exhaustion of body and mind, giving a trace of tenderness, Dr Max support me to move on the road.