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Back to School Party Ideas: Games and Crafts

For a lot of households, it's time to head back to school , and while some kids may bemoan the return to academics, it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate a new beginning with a back to school party! After three whole months of fun in the sun, some kids just don’t want summer to end. Help them get into the school spirit with an awesome back to school party full of games and crafts. Check out these ideas to get the kids excited for the new school year!
There are tons of fun games you can play to celebrate the back to school season. Here are some game ideas for kids of all ages to play at your back to school party.
Trivia: Get your kids ready for class with a fun game of trivia! You can create a category for each school subject and write the questions and answers on flash cards. To see if you’re “Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” have the parents and children take turns asking questions. You can also make a timed “lightning round” with a bunch of questions from different categories.
Name That Snack: Set out a bunch of classic school foods like Oreos, cheese and crackers, and peanut butter sandwiches. Then blindfold the kids and have them taste the foods and see if they can name the snack. Give some prizes away at the end of the contest for the people who answered the most correctly. Since you’re dealing with kids, it's always a good idea to include a little prize for everyone for their participation.
Scavenger Hunt: Put a back to school twist on this classic game by making the kids search for school supplies! First, buy a bunch of school supplies at your local school supply store. Then, before all the kids arrive for the party, hide the supplies all over your event venue. Make sure to choose good hiding spots! Finally, make a few clue cards to help out in the hunt. It’s best to split kids into teams for this game so they can work together to track down the treasures.
The Name Game: This is a great game for kids to get to know each other. Have everyone sit in a circle and begin by having one person stating their name. The next person has to say the first person’s name, and then their own. And so on around the circle. You can also have them add a descriptive word in front of their name to make it easier to remember, for example, “Bouncing Ben.”
Set up a bunch of craft tables in your event space for kids to create unique items for the school year. This will help them get excited about heading back to class. When sending out your party invitations, mention to parents that there will be arts and crafts stations and encourage them to bring some supplies to contribute to the party. Here are some suggestions for unique arts and crafts ideas for kids:
Book cover decorations: This is a super affordable craft project that’s fun for kids of all ages. First, get a bunch of paper grocery bags to cover the books. Then, give the kids markers, stickers, and glitter glue and let them personalize their book covers any way they like. As a tip, be sure to write the name of the book somewhere on the paper cover so you can easily identify them all. You may also want to consider getting a laminating machine to bring to your back to school party to make the book covers stronger.
Gifts for Teachers: Why not have a craft table so the kids can make gifts for their teachers? Some ideas for teacher’s gifts are:
Personalized candles: Buy some high quality candles that are in glass containers. Then have the kids decorate the glass with ribbons and decorate a piece of paper that they can then wrap around the glass candle case when finished.
Personalized paint-jar goody-bag: Get some old paint jars and clean them out thoroughly. Then, have your kids design the outside of the paint jar with the teacher’s name. Finally, throw in some cookies, candy bars, or other items you think the teacher might enjoy.
Pencil flower vase: For this you will need a can, some pencils, a rubber band, and a ribbon. First, wrap a few colored or regular pencils around a soup can and secure with a rubber band. Then continue to insert more pencils all around the can until you can't fit anymore. Finally, wrap a ribbon around the rubber band, and stick some flowers in the can with some water.

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6 Great Quinceanera Venues in Los Angeles

For those who celebrate Quinceaneras, they are often a large turning point in a young girl's life. This 15th birthday marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood, where close friends and family gather in a big celebration. The concept takes form in many cultures at different ages. For example, in the Filipino culture, when a girl turns 18, she is considered a woman and holds a lavish party called a Debut, much like debutantes still do in the U.S. A Quinceanera is a large ceremony, comparable to a wedding, and often requires a sizeable event venue to accommodate such a milestone birthday. Luckily, Eventup has many to choose from! Below are some of our favorite picks for a Quinceanera.
The Villa Sophia
If you want to treat the birthday girl like a princess, then The Villa Sophia is the place to do it. Located in Los Feliz accommodating up to 75, this venue not only looks like a castle from the outside, but it is also tucked away in a residential, LA neighborhood and surrounded by acres of beautifully maintained green grass. This venue has also been home to many scenes for film shoots, such as Entourage and a collection of Victoria's Secret ads. The Villa Sophia has the perfect outdoor setup, where you and your guests can dance the night away next to a glistening pool while overlooking the Los Angeles cityscape.
Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. Mansion
Also located in Los Feliz, the Frank Lloyd Write, Jr. Mansion is another perfect venue to host your Quinceanera. This venue is similar to The Villa Sophia, but has a bit more of an antique vibe, not to mention the glamour of being in a mansion designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. With a maximum occupancy of 300, the Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. Mansion is perfect for those who have a large guest list. The backyard has a central courtyard where you and your guests can hold your festivities, be it a cocktail hour or fully fledged dinner.
Lot 613
If you are looking for a more casual yet elegant setting and you still have a slightly large guest list, Lot 613 is your ideal venue. Located in the arts district in Downtown Los Angeles, this venue has a high ceiling, unfiltered skylights, and a loft style mezzanine. Whether you want a dance floor or a reception-like seating or both, this venue offers versatility for whatever your Quinceanera requires. The venue itself is very simple and can be transformed any way you like.
The Holding Co
While most Quinceaneras are comparable to weddings, often requiring fancy dress, makeup, and hair, there is always the option of having your Quinceanera a little more casual and artsy. If this is the overall direction you are heading, The Holding Co might be the perfect place to hold your special birthday. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, near the hip neighborhoods of Silver Lake and Echo Park, The Holding Co has an outdoor patio for live music, dancing, and dinner. Perfect for more lax, low key vibes at your Quinceanera.
The Belvedere Mansion, Bel Air
On your daughter's Quinceanera , why not take the opportunity to make her feel like Hollywood royalty? The Belvedere Mansion in Bel Air was actually one of the first of ten homes built in Bel Air and originally the house of a popular 1920’s film star. With a breathtaking outdoor area that can hold up to 250 guests and a landscape view of the city, this Elizabethan-style manor has a timeless charm that everyone can appreciate.
Park Plaza
If you prefer an indoor venue for your Quinceanera but still want to keep a historic, elegant ambiance, consider hosting your birthday bash at Park Plaza near Downtown Los Angeles. Park Plaza can hold up to 300 guests and has a Neo-Gothic architecture feel. Complete with a dance floor and banquet tables, this event venue is just the place to enjoy a meal, dance the night away, and celebrate your transition into a new stage of your life.

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Wedding venues options you have

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair and most people plan to make it memorable event of their life. The first thing and also the most important one in making your wedding a memorable affair are choosing right wedding venues . If you really want something exciting and different then you can make many places as your wedding venues. The most common thing which people often do is to book halls and organize their wedding there but if you are of different breed, then there are plethora of options with you. With some efforts, you can find some wedding venues which are simple or extravagant or of your choice. Keep in mind that in these kinds of wedding venues the onus is on you to coordinate and plan everything and it is your responsibility to make your guests feel comfortable. 
Following are some options for your wedding venues irrespective of place you live in:
1)    Traditional Wedding venues: If you don’t have risk taking appetite then it is highly recommended that you should go with traditional venues. In traditional venues, you know how things work and would get dedicated staff managers who would look after arrangements of your event. However, all such things are missing in wedding venues which are out-of-box. It is your responsibility to look for place, ask for necessary license and permits, make all necessary arrangements and then coordinate things.
2)    Unconventional wedding venues: If you feel you have everything what it takes to arrange something unconventional then there is lot of wedding venues . You can go for museums, lake, river side, mountains, beaches, public parks or anything you can imagine that can host number of people you are thinking to call for your event. However there are certain things which you should take care when planning things for unconventional wedding venues. The most important challenge one faces is transportation and making arrangements for sitting and dining. It is highly recommended that if you are planning to hold an event at these unconventional wedding venues then you should have enough time and coordination skills to plan things as you have decided else hire a dedicated event manager who can take care of things. It is very important that everything should be well planned and rehearsed so that you don’t miss anything at day of your event.
Always keep in mind that half prepared or even a single miss can send wrong waves to your guests. These things are very embarrassing and one should avoid them at all costs. Plan things the way you would like to receive them. Rather than thinking yourself as host, think yourself as guest who would come to attend your wedding and then you would be able to do complete justice with services and amenities. There is no fun of putting so many efforts and calling guests at such an unconventional place when there are no proper arrangements. So keep in mind these things when you are looking to host your wedding at unconventional wedding venues .

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How to Throw a Pinterest Party?

We recently caught up with Jillian from Catch My Party, the ultimate party resource for any DIY celebration, to talk about one of the most recent party trends: Pinterest Parties! These are great for gatherings of any age. The idea is that you make something together, like baking recipes or fun crafts. The host can pick up all the project supplies or provide the recipes, or the group can decide on the project together and each bring supplies to contribute to the party. Here are some ideas for how to throw a fabulous Pinterest party !
Holiday Pinterest Party
Do you have a group of friends who love the goodies and crafts of the holiday season? A holiday Pinterest party is the perfect way to round up all of those friends to make some festive holiday items such as cupcakes, decorations, or the ultimate ginger bread house. Set up a station for each decorative craft and ask each guest to bring both an appetizer or dessert and a decoration for ginger bread houses that they found on Pinterest. Once everyone arrives, enjoy your tasty food and then get crafting! At the end of the event, everyone should have homemade holiday decorations and treats to take home.
Moms Night out Party
Are you a busy mom? If you are constantly pinning things to your Pinterest profile but never get around to trying them out, consider hosting a Moms Night out Pinterest party! Invite a group of your mom friends for a Moms Night Out and ask if they have found any favorite craft activities on Pinterest. Set up tables for each craft. For example, you could have one table to make jewelry, one for painting ceramics, one for homemade decorations, and so on. Stock your event space with plenty of drinks and food to keep your guests happy while crafting. You could also put together some goody bags as a thank you for coming.
White Elephant Style Craft Party
For a different spin on the craft Pinterest party , consider adding a little mystery. Simply ask your guests to search for their favorite craft on Pinterest, buy the supplies needed for it, and wrap it up as a present. Then when they arrive at the party they can exchange the gifts in a white elephant gift exchange game! That way each person takes home a fun and unique creation.
Dessert and Baking Pinterest Party
For this idea, you’ll have to make sure you have access to a large kitchen and plenty of cooking utensils. Have your guests bring in a recipe and ingredients to make their favorite dessert or baked good that they’ve recently seen on Pinterest. It’s a good idea to let others know who is bringing what so you don’t have duplicate desserts. Be sure there is enough Tupperware and containers so that everyone can take a dessert home.
Cocktail Pinterest Party
Get in touch with your inner bartender! Round up the most unique cocktail recipes you’ve found on Pinterest, stop by your local liquor store to load up on all the accoutrements, and invite your guests over for a fun night of mixology. Make sure to take photos during your event to add to Pinterest later, and consider arranging for a taxi or town car to pick everyone up and take everyone home.
Wedding Planning Pinterest Party
Are you recently engaged? Then it’s time to throw a wedding planning Pinterest party ! Invite all your closest friends to come over to your house. Tell them to bring their laptops and tablets. Then serve your guests drinks and food while you all collectively pin items to your wedding ideas pin board. You could even create several different boards; one for the dress, one for the venue decorations, one for the food, and so on. Once you have all the ideas pinned onto your boards, you can start hunting for all the fun things you found on Pinterest.

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Organizing frugal wedding at a New York wedding venue

Weddings are no doubt most memorable but also expensive affair. In times of economic uncertainty, you don’t want to do unnecessary expenditures and if you live in city of New York, your problems will get compounded many times as everything is little expensive in the town which never sleeps. Thus your thrust should to save money from every inch in case you are little tight on budget. Many people often think that it is almost impossible to organize a frugal wedding in this town however it is not true. With careful planning and meticulous execution you can achieve this impossible feat. The first thing you need to get started to attain your goal is to make a right selection of New York wedding venue .
Following are few useful tips which will help you to get great bargains of almost every New York wedding venue:
1)    Time of your event: Be it wedding or reception, the price of same New York wedding venue will vary depending on day as well as time you are going to select. Keep in mind that weekends would be expensive and if you are looking to cut budget, go for any day of week and if possible in morning. This will help you to save few bucks which you can use it for other purposes. Even most popular New York wedding venue would be available at weekdays and they would definitely want to get some business rather than sitting idle and this is where you can grasp the opportunity.
2)    Season: Believe it or not but even weddings have seasons. Any outdoor New York wedding venue would get hardly booked in spring or fall. So you can always book then. But make sure that you make alternative arrangements accordingly and should leave your guests out in cold. Even indoor New York wedding venues would be available at lesser prices during offseason.
3)    Location: If you looking to book a New York wedding venue which is located right in the middle of heart of city, then definitely the price of that New York wedding venue would be a lot higher. When you are on tight budgets, select those New York wedding venues which are located in downtown area. The rentals as well as other services of venues located in downtown area will be far affordable than those in main town.
4)    Décor: When you are looking for a New York wedding venue in your budget, you really can’t compromise on services and food. Still there is one area where you can really reduce things and it is not going to affect the outcome of your wedding. Keep in mind if you serve low quality food or had poor services, people are not going to feel good at your event but if you have slightly less décor but good services and high quality food no one is going to complain about it.
Always keep in mind that when you are low on budget, you do have to carry out negotiations and reductions but it should not be at the sake of comfort to others.