Nov 26, 2014 at 08:11 o\clock

you never said to love me

In the afternoon, looking back, stories, micro pick corners of the mouth, remember that day. 
I sit on your shoulder. You are sitting in a chair, chair groaned in gaga. Lying across the film. I am on your shoulders wriggling, pull your hair. Flushed, you go to the end of the film, pulling me, go home. You must forget that in the movie: a girl, best travel mugs riding a father to go to the movies. 
I take your hand to go home. You took the stand on the side. Click to yell and car. The opposite is our home. I tugging on your thumb on the wound, your pain yi tooth, mouth go home, tell me: baby, arrived home, oh. You must forget that in the movie: a girl, holding my father's hand to go home. 
I hiked up of moss, you cut hair. My finger is more and more long, but your fingers slowly and gentle. I grow taller, you hunchback. Years it heartless, it erase your everything. Midnight to cool, when I woke up from a dream, only you count sheep will accompany me to the crow, head tilted, fell asleep on my pillow. Across from the cinema, but also put the film in all night. 
Looking back, I saw the world beautiful. You never said to love me, but you are so love me, you are willing to buy the most expensive pencil case to me, even if it the next day will be broken you beauty
Would you like to burn for me the most delicious food, even if I also don't see one look. You are still willing to. Would you like to do everything for me, even if I'm not too happy with all this, you are still willing to. 
Looking back at me to see the beautiful world. You put me on the wash tub, let me pick water chestnut, and threatened to throw me out. Jiangnan water with a light fragrance. Is the lotus? Is the lotus? Or just the afternoon sun glimmer of warmth? 
The past already smoke, haunting in my fingertips. Faint yellow lights Yun Yin your appearance, I call you "dad", you just laughed. Illusion has been broken, only sigh time went by, ok? 
Upon the wind, to meet month, 4g hk all things recovery, for the moment, inner conflicts. Finally understand, accompany with you, no, just a kind of tacit understanding, a kind of understanding. 

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