Understanding the employee self-service feature of human resource software

09.06.2016 um 13:57 Uhr

Understanding the employee self-service feature of human resource software

It is no secret that the HR team is a busy one. From administrative tasks like making data entries to the more important strategic activities like succession planning and employee engagement, HR professionals have to handle so many tasks, and naturally, they are tied up quite a bit in their own tasks. If the organization does not have a tool like online human resource software in place, they will be left to handle many of the employee tasks like filling in time off forms, making requisitions, and so on.

The software’s employee self-service feature ensures that employees have an easy and convenient way to carry out their tasks without troubling the HRM team. Since the software provides personalized access to every employee, each employee has his or her own account to manage their affairs. They can log into the system to access data, make requisitions, and even communicate with other employees through the integrated mail and chatting applications.

So, what all can employees do with the self-service feature?

Maintain up-to-date information in their profiles, for one. When employees change address or get married and want to record these changes in their profiles, they would have to send the same in a mail to the HR team who then goes on to update the information. Sometimes, this can lead to some mistakes in transit and information does not get recorded properly. Also, imagine the time it takes for the request to travel and the HR professional leaving aside important work to do this task.

With human resource software in contrast, because of the self-service feature, employees can do these tasks themselves, ensuring accuracy and speed. This is just an example; employees can also make time off requests, requisitions for new hires, manage teams, and do other tasks through self-service.


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