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You May Have a Natural-Looking Part With This Extension

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While there are many different types of hair extensions a woman can choose from, there is one that is becoming increasingly popular because it allows the most natural look. With a lace frontals and closures extension, a woman can have a natural-looking part so she can feel more confident in the appearance of her hair. This type of extension offers one of the most natural looks available so a woman can part her hair any way she likes and have her scalp shine through. With this information, women can learn more about hair closures so they can make an informed choice on whether or not this extension will give them the results they want.

There are two types of lace extensions women can use to give a beautiful look to their hair. Lace Closures allow a woman's natural hair to be completely covered without any of her natural hair hanging out. This allows her to have a natural-looking part with her scalp being able to show through the lace. This type of extension is typically used in sew-in applications. This does not run ear to ear but instead runs in a horseshoe pattern which allows the weave to be properly finished or closed off which is how this extension gets its name.

A lace front is one that is meant to be bonded in place just like a lace front wig. These are able to cover a much larger area than a lace front closure. This type of application runs ear to ear so there is more coverage. This type of extension is beneficial for women who want to wear their hair pulled back away from their face while maintaining a natural look. While the most popular method of installation is bonding with glue, these extensions can also be clipped in.

The lifespan of these types of extensions depends entirely on the type of hair, how the extension is constructed, and how the extension is cared for. Some of these types of extensions can last up to five years while others may only last a few months. If a woman chooses this type of lace extension, they must be careful in maintaining the hair to ensure its life is prolonged as long as possible.

Choosing the perfect lace extension can make a big difference in a woman's options for hairstyles. With these beautiful extensions, a woman can have the naturally beautiful look she wants without being worried about anyone being able to tell she is wearing a weave of any type.

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