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Nov 25, 2013 at 03:35 o\clock

Lumber drying plant's heating-up period

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Will install the chrysanthemum the tray, smooth puts in the drying oven, cannot overlap, avoids the tray laying aside not being good creates Salt Drying Machine  leaking out. The closure box gate turns on the hot-blast stove air blower, lights the hot-blast stove, starts to deliver the hot blast to the box, the box in the temperature heating to 50°, heats up gradually 30 minutes ~1.5 hours, looked when in the box has the moisture, starts a row of Ultrafine Pulverizer, probably arranges about the tide 2 minutes, after arranging the tide, in the box the temperature will drop, continues to heat.  Ultrafine Pulverizer

Nov 21, 2013 at 02:54 o\clock

Road Test Analysis for Interior Noise of Wheel-hub Motor Driven Micro Electric Vehicle

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Identification of vibration source,transfer way and main contribution panels are conducted consider-ing the interior noise of hub motor  driven vehicle based on road test.Measurement of interior noise and vibration signal is conducted in accelera-ting,regenerative braking and constant speed driving conditions.Combining time domain,frequency do-main and order spectral analysis,and the result shows that the major source of interior noise is the sixth harmonic vibration of china hub motor.The in-fluence of every body panel in different frequency range is also presented,which has reference value for the development of wheel-hub motor driven electric vehicle.china hub motor

Nov 19, 2013 at 09:26 o\clock

Vacuum rake type dryer's basic situation

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Mainly uses in explosive, easy oxidizing, the paste pappy material dryness. Operates under the perfect vacuum, solvent boiling point lowering, has simultaneously isolated the air, has avoided in the material Salt Drying Machine  in transit the oxidation and the overheated deterioration. In dryer horizontal type tube in vivo, is loaded with the agitation axis and the agitation leaf. The tube body clamp cover, the agitation axis and the agitation leaf may pass over the heating medium, under the agitation, the material in the tube in vivo intensive mixing and the heat transfer, the solvent vapor pulls out the real idle talk through the shell on to discharge, smuggles the dust after the bag type filter filtration, enters the condenser Ultrafine Pulverizer recycling. After meeting the dry requirements the engine off, the discharge port discharges the material from the tube body, carries on the next batch of materials again the operation. Material dry even; Avoids oxidizing overheated; May obtain the moisture content extremely low product, cannot crush the operation then to packUltrafine Pulverizer

Nov 19, 2013 at 04:00 o\clock

Research on Differential Steering Control of Four-hub Motor Driven Electric Vehicle based on Regenerative Braking

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By the entire rotation to four wheel hub electrical machinery individual drive electric automobile is the object, studies carries on the difference transmit immediately using the electric regenerative braking to the control question. Namely using electric regenerative braking mode control electric automobile each wheel by friction speed rotation, while achieves changes the goal to hub motor  the brake energy. In already designed in the electric automobile paper vehicle foundation which completes, has designed a set of motor-driven and based on the electric regenerative braking double valve value tracing difference transmit immediately to the control plan, and has confirmed this plan feasibility through the solid vehicle experiment.

Nov 5, 2013 at 06:58 o\clock

Compared with continual conducts the dryer

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vacuum drying machine sterilization machine Conducts the dry way to process the hot sterilization machine, in the control drying in transit atmosphere, guarantees the final product the quality, or the use waste heat source is dry, reduces the energy cost. The last week article discussion classified did the dry method, how conduct the dryer is works, looks at one batch of conduction machine type. This article quite continual breakover machine type.
One kind conducts the water extractor to be possible continuously the dry heat sensitive solution, the slurry, the cataplasma and the granular formulation includes the pigment, the vacuum drying machine, the clay, the fine chemical, the powdered coal and its salt, may use in the relatively short dead time. Water extractor transportation as well as dry material; Control transfer rate control retention time. The continual conduction water extractor does not need the material handling work, usually causes its operating cost to be lower than a batch run unit far.