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07.08.2004 um 07:01 Uhr

Alternativen für Kyoto-Klimapolitik

Roger Bate und David Montgomery präsentieren in einem aktuellen Paper einen alternativen Ansatz zur ins Stocken geratenen Kyoto-Klimapolitik, die den Fokus auf günstige Rahmenbedingungen für einen klimaschonenden Technologietransfer in die Entwicklungsländer legt, statt entwicklungshemmende drastische Reduktionen in den Industrieländern zu fordern:
 Whether the Kyoto Protocol is ever ratified is fast becoming irrelevant. Many of the European nations that ratified the convention are failing to reach their targets, while developing countries, not required to comply with Kyoto, claim they will never participate in targets and timetables, as it would retard their economic growth. Given that developing countries are likely to emit well over half of future greenhouse gases (GHGs), a more promising strategy would be to devise an approach that limits emissions while helping development.

Stabilizing global concentrations of GHGs will require both research and development to create new technologies that are more energy-efficient than those now used in developed countries and effective action to spread these technologies to developing countries. Until these new technologies are available, significant savings in energy use and carbon emissions could be achieved by transferring current Western technology to developing countries. However, barriers to such transfer exist. Lack of economic freedom is one of the important factors that stands in the way of improving standards of living for developing countries, and that lack of economic freedom is also a major obstacle that hinders technology transfer. The prospect of simultaneously reducing poverty and increasing energy efficiency makes a compelling argument for developed countries to take a new approach to partnership with developing countries, one centered on improving economic freedom in a way that will allow smoother technology transfer and faster economic growth.


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