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21.12.2007 um 11:10 Uhr

Roger Pielke Jr. ist zurück

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Prometheus von der Colarado State University bloggt wieder und er hat einiges zu sagen:

... the UK's Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir David King, has encouraged a "cultural change" among women to prefer men who save energy, rather than hog it, such as by driving Ferrari's.


These anecdotes -- frustrating and farcical as they may be -- illustrate a serious underlying point: Much of climate debate is exactly backwards. Advocates are spending far too much time arguing over how important that it is that others change their behavior, usually in ways that those doing the advocating would want regardless of climate change. In this way climate change becomes not a problem to be solved but a political weapon in service of other goals. The alternative to the dominant approach to climate change would be to initiate those steps that will actually make a difference, thus enabling political compromise.

Unbedingt lesenswert ist auch der Beitrag über Mr. Pachauri und die Politisierung des IPCC. Der Vater Roger Pielke Sr. bloggt übrigens auch wieder.

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