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26.02.2006 um 00:29 Uhr

my feelings

my feelings are not partly indescribably, it me very heavily fall about it to talk ich attempt by this blog my feelings times to describe here as it only go!mein live find I as it are to be borne, because I do not have bad and strong depressions I try to me different occupations again and again to find however so easily am that.

25.02.2006 um 19:10 Uhr

at the beginning of

which I write only, what I in such a way experience am much I have with many humans to do all day long I a very hard job have and much on the way am there.  actually I love mine live like that as it am however me am missing the certain specially okay I am career woman however I wish myself after a long desired and also fulfilled living style family, because my biological clock ticks.