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Um. Hello. It's been awhile.So um. How is everybody doing? Lots of stuff's been happening here and there...being pile-driven with homework. Young love ups and downs. I'm kind of tired of hanging around people who do drugs if you ask me, because I don't have any intrest in doing them. Dude, like, everybody in my school that I know smokes pot at least. "lel dewd u gotta smoke sum o dis shiiiit!""U shud do weed itz nachural""hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha weed" Anyhow... Having a hard time convincing Josh that I never had the feelings for Kalab as I felt for Josh. I just don't know how many times I have to say sorry to the poor fella. What should I do to make it up to him? D: I was thinking since I ruined his birthday last year (actually, his mom technically did because she never showed up to pick me up for his party, but it feels like it was my fault, so, it is), I was going to make him a cake and buy him and his twin sister presents, and also big pictures. [sorry for all you guys out there who are waiting for pictures from me, I've just been busy with my own selfish little self lately, heh.]I know I'm really young, but I don't think I bond as well to anyone emotionally as much as him. He's the only friend I really had who doesn't make me feel like I'm bothering them all the time, you know? We're both really clingy people, so the sticky will prevail. That is, if he can ever get past Kalab. Ironically, he calls me a few days ago while the family and I are out buying Brianna some pants, and says he's moved into Osage Beach, a town only about 10 minutes from my house. Even more lucky for us, his mom was gone back in his hometown picking up esstentials from the old house to this one. Even MORE lucky? His house was down a road across the mall we were shopping at!! The family and I drove on down for a visit and ran around playing for a good hour, then we had to go home because my dad was tired of waiting for us. It was the happiest hour in my life for a really, really long time. :DSadly though...he's moving away again to Columbia (two hour drive) in two weeks. We both are trying to sneak in oppertunities to see each other while she's gone. Yesterday, the family and I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries when my sister runs at me at a jillion miles an hour (and talking equally as fast) that she saw Josh and his family over by the cheese(mmm, cheese). She and I hid behind some gaudy old sweaters and waved at him. Miraculously, his mom didn't see us, and we snuck off with him for a few minutes. 007 better watch his back.Call me cornier than Kansas but...he's made me experience feelings that made me realize why so many hokey songs are written about it. We and our families have had so many good times together, I could never forget them in my entire lifetime. He's the only guy besides my dad I could ever fully trust, on top of that. I Love Joshua. So much more I can say. Why say it, though? I'd be on the computer until I died of ruptured arm nerves from all the typing. I'd like to say though...either I'm being over-observant or there is such a thing as destiny. Really....stfu. I'm not the only one who watches too much anime.

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Post here if you would like a nice comment

Post here if you would like a nice comment! After I give one to you, copy and paste this message to your journal to return the favor. :Dstolen from youshi_semenjyu. Rockin' at the cosplay, dear! One of the best cosplayers I've ever come across. Keep it up!

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Happy Merry Chrismahanukwanzaakkah to all

Happy Merry Chrismahanukwanzaakkah to all! What did everybody give and get? Are there still things you want? Comments.I gave: an orange candle to my friend Bobbie for her Ouija board, also a fanart of Sepheroth; a Saki Bar shirt and a Sora fanart to Kalab; a late-due comic to Manda; a Wolf's Rain fanart to Steev(working on right now, hah) and a red-and-black striped handglove to my brother Brendan.I got:4 red candles and one white candle for my custom Ouija board (from Dad), a painted heart design and some nice clothes from Bobbie, some underpants, a sweater, and a bloated stocking from the grandparents,;a DVD, a black feather boa, red undershirt and black woolen trenchcoat from rich aunt(sweeeeeeeet); a Black D-3 digivice from Dad, and some chocolates from Mom. Not a bad Chrismahanukwanzaakkah from everyone after all! I feel good that I actually could give presents people this year(I've always wanted to), too. This is the best Chrismahanukwanzaakkah EVER!I still want a Sora action figure, though. Reeeeallly bad. If any of you have $20 to spare...you'd make me THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN TEH WORLD LEL ROFL WTF GAAAAHHH *pleeeease?* ;-;http://www.toysnjoys.com/kingdomhearts2figures.html I don't want any of the other fancy-schmancy ones, just plain ol' sora. I got enough money for Sora! HOLY CRAP I AM HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

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Where the hell is Fifi

Where the hell is Fifi? I haven't seen her since like, summer. Did she go hibernate? I miss her mighty dearly. ;-;I think I'm going to get mono. Brendan already has it, and I accidentally half-sipped out of one of his cups, only realizing right when it slithered down my throat that it was my brother's cup precariously laid out on the stupid counter for me to drink. - -

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Out of Boredom...

The Best They Might Be Giants Story EVER: THE SEQUEL!!!11omk g, i luv teh jons alot jus so u no. dis fic iznt a self insert btw!!!!111!! I swer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111k mary sue has prety eys that r blu