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[Pic] Bubblez!

Hey sadaoru, Here's a little pressie for you. I was sooo happy when I saw this, I was in euphoria. I still am! ^^ I'm thinking you'll need this dosage. btw, it's the original pic, I just cut and resized it. also a pressie for my lovelies at ueda_maruand my future home wildsofmyheart

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So I'm doing this from my room something which I have failed to do for the past 3 days

So I'm doing this from my room something which I have failed to do for the past 3 the net. :( The connection is volatile so I don't know when it's gonna suddenly end. But yeah... :SI miss everything here. there's so many things I wanna tell...(i.e Bon Odori and etc...)oh well, just wanna tell all that i'm still alive. love you all~!

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Okay, Uni started and I STILL don't have wireless in my room, so that truly sucks and despite lessening my credit hours, I still have SO many classes..on intervals that are utterly inconvenient. So, I'll have lesser time to come online. So....I just want you guys to know....I love you and will miss you when I'm away. As you know, the internet is like a second home so most of the time I feel really relaly homesick. :(See ya around....hopefully more frequently.

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Etou, I'm leaving for University. Hopefully, I'll be back up soon. I'll be here until Friday and until then well....I'll try to drop by as often as possible.So this is my first parting gift...will x-post it in akame_Anyway, this piece is dedicated to lintzu, anepotter and alexiel. Thanks for the support. Title: Art of Living - Chapter 1: Behind The Laughter, Smiles and Tardiness.Pairing: AkameRatings: maybe PG-13Disclaimer: I do not own any of the names used in this fic (they belong to their respective owners). This fic is made for entertainment purposes only and was not meant to infringe or to cause any sort of infamy (it's a fiction for God's sake!). the usual disclaimer applies here.Art of Living Chapter 1: Behind The Smiles, Laughter and TardinessMattaku! Aitsu wa!1, hes late again~! Ueda Tatsuyas moan broke the reluctant silence they all had suddenly fallen into. His smaller form tidily squashed between Junnosuke Taguchi and Nakamaru Yuichi. The two merely eyed him with renewed interest then made some room for their leader to stretch a bit.Kamenashi Kazuya had begun arriving either late or really early every other day since their move into the new recording/rehearsing studio, which was roughly about a month and a half ago. The previous one was worse for wear as time passed by. There was a large and growing hole in the roof causing rainwater to leak into the studio causing some major appliance and equipment damage. Not only that, there were several times when the electricity would die out on them without warning during practice or worse, during recording. The management had decided that it was time to move out. And quite soon, they managed to get a new and decent place. But unfortunately for Kame, it was way, way out of his way.You know Kame cant help it, Junno said.He could wake up earlier Maru chipped in, only to disproof himself half a moment later, but then again, even now, at the rate were all going, that would be asking too much. Hed faint from exhaustion one of these days if it keeps up.Sou na, Nakamaru, that is why youre always late! Tanaka Koki said, masterfully dodging a crumpled paper ball thrown in his direction by a growling Maru. Then, he continued without missing a beat, Anyway, hes always the last to leave and I bet hes already asleep even as hes trying to get on the train home, ne, Akanishi? Koki cast Akanishi Jin a glance as he made his personal observations on the absent member of KAT-TUN. The latter had been uncharacteristically quiet for the past half an hour.The young man mentioned merely nodded his response, clearly lost in his own thought. So lost was he that he failed to see Junno throwing a knowing look at Ueda and Koki who both grinned back.Youre always one of the last one to leave, too, right Akanishi? Ueda tried his luck.Again Jin nodded.And you always wait for him even for his after-session vocal practice, ne Jin? Junno didnt hesitate when his cue came, beaming slyly.He responded similarly to the rhetorical question.Well, someone needs to make sure hell be safe, neh Akanishi~i? Maru finally decided to join in the fun.Again he nodded, knowing vaguely that someone was talking to him and was demanding his response. He was fidgeting with his phone restlessly while his eyes stared through it to his sneaker-encased feet and on to the polished fiberglass floor.So what do you guys do anyway, always leaving so late? Junno asked in an innocent manner, baiting Jin all along.Yeahwhat do you guys do? Have hot, steamy cup of explosive, uninhibited sex? Jin mechanically nodded. The other four howled in laughter. Hearing the unexpected at least on his part- laughter, Jin broke out of his trance, eh? Then it sunk in, EHH??!!!He sprang out of his seat looking flustered and embarrassed as hell, No, NO thatsits not! HeIWe didntwe dont until he finished lamely, I didnt mean to say that!Ahaha! So now the mortified look on Jins face made it difficult for Maru to string out a complete sentence without breaking into a new fit of sniggers, So now we know why Kames so tired all the time, ne?And the rest of the boys broke into another laughing fit.Teme2 Jin was so embarrassed with his slip that he couldnt brainstorm a retort or a quick comeback at the rest of the boys prank. So he yelled, Urusai yo!3Taking pity on their friend, they tried to sober up and quiet down. They knew that Jin has a fondness for the younger boy and is always concerned about his well-being. That day alone, every once in a while he can actually be caught glancing at his phone, probably waiting for a phone call or a SMS from Kame.Ara, even the singing coach and choreographer are late! Maybe we should start first? Ueda suggested.Matte4, letslets just wait for another 10 minutes, ne? Jin spoke up, conveniently choosing to forget that mere minutes ago he was taunted to the point of dying from humiliation.But weve already waited for more than an hour Koki said before he added sheepishly to Jin, well, at least you guys have. Maru and I only waited for likewhat, 45 minutes? as he himself was a bit late this morning.Its okay. Lets just wait for a bit more, was the only thing he said. Koki, Ueda and Maru agreed to Jins request and decided to torment each other with their respective existence: a process involving a lot of yelling, tickling, wrestling, laughing and such. Junno on the other hand smiled to himself and approached Jins spot and made himself comfortable next to the usually open young man.You live by yourself now, dont you? Junno asked, starting a friendly conversation. Aa, its a nice place. Not that big, kinda moderate but very comfortable. A bit empty, though, living there all by myself. It gets lonely sometimes, Jin spoke, his voice sounded suspiciously monotonous from the lack of attention.Ehsabishi, ne5? Junno responded. Jin merely bowed his head down lower.Somewhere in the background the voices of the remaining three could be heard, Ueda-kun, thats Junnos Gameboy! He lent it to me~! Mouuu, Tat-chaaaan, why are you being so mean to me? Koki, stop pulling my pants! Im not being mean to you, Nakamaru! adding to the lively and often times noisy ambiance that usually surrounds the KAT-TUN family.Jinyoure worried because hes never been this late before, darou6? Junno said from his perch on the opposite armrest of the two-seater couch Jin was dominating after the long pregnant pause, trying his best to ignore the racket in the background.You know he usually calls when hes really late. Maybe something happened to him or rather, he spoke sullenly obviously not affected by the noise.Shimpai nai, ne!7 Hell be fine! the younger KAT-TUN member patted Jins shoulder reassuringly. The older brunette offered his group member a small smile, nodding.Laughingly Junno said, Na, this is probably one of the very few times you really act your age.Urusai, Jin said not unkindly, reaching out to ruffle Junnosukes hair.Maru got bored torturing the other two so he turned his attention to Jin, and he cryptically asked, So, is he really that good?Jin knew that Maru was referring to Kame and their supposedly steamy, hot relationship but he wouldnt give the oldest member the satisfaction of him being flustered. Jin answered back in like, Amazing! You know how skillful and talented he is. So pretty and lithe. And that mouth of his, when he smiles it just knocks your sensesand his pout, its just so hard to resistJunno was already laughing quietly at both of his group members bickering like kids. So much for acting like adults. Jin was winning before the remaining two came to Marus assistance. Junno wisely, but cruelly, chose not to pick sides and let Jin handle himself. They were talking something about Kames sleeping habit and Jins stamina when the main door opened and an out-of-breath and tired looking Kame popped in, Hey guys!Kame! exclaimed all but Jin, who was pouting in defeat in his corner. The said young man simply mumbled, Speak of the devil. The others immediately crowded the late young man.Osoi yo!!8 Ueda crowed and arms already crossed across his chest.Suman!9 I overslept and missed the first train. Suman! Then I couldnt call cause of some phone problems, he exclaimed. The rest reacted in various ways: Junno playfully punched his arm as Maru gave him a mock choke, then Ueda knocked him lightly upside his head and Koki jabbed at his ribs.Ahahaha! Stop! Wait! Hontou ni, gomen10, Kame squeaked before be bowed in apology.Youre beginning to sound like Maru, Ueda said, chuckling. Maru heard this and began to assault Ueda instead, wrestling and tickling him mercilessly, I resent that. You know I havent been late since we moved here.Jin, despite feeling glad that Kame finally made it safe and sound albeit a bit out of breath, he couldnt get his feet to work and join the gang. He watched as the four guys crowding around Kame teased, tickled and reprimanded him. The boy merely smiled and bowed his head again and again sheepishly, apologizing all the while. That was, until he realized that his greeting committee was one man short. His eyes wandered around the studio looking for the missing number; the one with the generous smile and lively eyes. Not to mention the sexy-as-hell persona.It wasnt until his own eyes met the warm deep brown eyes fixed on him from all the way inside the studio did he allow a full fledged grin to break his features. Jin returned the grin with equal ardor. When the rest noticed that their poor victims attention wasnt on them, they turned to the subject of Kames wordless exchanges. And they all grinned like crazy lunatics.Fortunately for Jin, before any of them managed to collect their scattered wits to bring up their heated topic just now, Kame spoke out, Ne, whats wrong with Jin? Isnt he happy that Im here?Hes upset that you stole his limelight. You know how he is, always craving for attention, Maru said, smirking at Jin.Kame pursed his lips looking a bit hurt, despite knowing that Maru was just teasing. But the fact that Jin didnt greet him kinda affected him more than he thought it would. Junno, noticing Kames insecure and slightly hurt look, closed in behind him and whispered, He was worried sick about you, always checking on his phone and all for your call or message. He just got gang-teased by the rest so hes supposed to be sulking right now.This brightened Kame immensely and he laughed, feeling glad. Junno chuckled along with him as they watched the other three head over to Jin to give hell once again. Jin somehow had an inkling that Kame and Junno were talking about him, but he was too busy defending himself from Maru, Koki and Ueda to take offense.Kame placed his backpack next to Jins and stretched. Junno was already heading for the practice room. Kame was about to follow Junnos suit when he heard Jins pitiful shriek at being assaulted by three pairs of merciless, tickling hands. Kame felt obliged to rescue his best friend from the grasp of the questing hands. Jin! So he jumped in front of Jin just in time to be on the receiving end of the TUN Triple Tickler Attack .Eh? Kame?! came Jins shocked reply.Ahahaahahaha MATTE! STOP! Stop it guys! he gasped between laughs. Seeing that theyve got the wrong person, they stopped immediately.Once hed regained his breath, Kame placed his hands on his hips and faced his attackers to give them a piece of his mind, Omae-tachi11give Jin a break, okay? Its not fair to all attack him like that. Hows a guy suppose to defend himself like that?Kame, I can protect myself, you know, Jin said, slightly peeved at having Kame rescue him.Kame turned to face Jin and smiled brilliantly, I know.He said it like it was the most factual, truest thing in the world. And that made Jin feel immensely proud. He slung his arm around his smaller friend with a heart rendering smile and declared that playtime was over, simultaneously moving all of them to the recording studio where Junno was already talking to two men: the singing coach and choreographer. Here Kame took his chance and tugged at Jins hand to pull him aside, Sorry, I couldnt SMS or call you, somethings wrong with my phone.I know, I heard, Jin smiled kindly at his younger friend. And they entered into the training room without further ado.It was discovered later from Junno that luckily for Kame both of the trainers just got there not more than 5 minutes before due to some car problems on the way there. Another plus thing was that their manager had caught a fever and couldnt come to the session that particular day. He had however, briefed them beforehand and trusted them to handle matters themselves -under the watchful eyes of his assistants, of course.And so they went in and did their practice without a hitch. After the dance training session, they all did some vocal training. This was especially essential what with their soon to be released CD debut. Sometime in the middle of the session, Kame and Jin got bored with individual practice; they decided to use their duets to train with. The trainers had to leave after they got a call from the mechanics regarding their transport and had left them to fend for themselves. A break and two hours later, they were all ready to head home and relax their strained body and vocal muscles. Ueda was desperate for a bath, Maru dying to eat, Koki wanted sleep and Junno just wanted to go home. And Kame wanted to practice a little bit more. But since he was practicing with Jin, he felt worried that Jin would feel obliged to stay and practice with him, You dont have to stay with me. Ill be fine. Why dont you go home and rest?Jin smiled, touched that Kame was worried about him, Its okay, I want to.This earned him a knowing smirk, smile, grin and chuckle from Maru, Ueda, Koki and Junno respectively. They said their goodbyes to Kame and as they passed by Jin on the way out, each had left him with some parting words:Ganbatte!12 said Ueda and Koki in unison, face-splitting grins evident on both faces. Jin growled at them and they both ran out of the door laughing.You rascal! We all know that tomorrow practically a day off cause we wont have anything else but that photoshoot, but dont wear him out too much, now, Maru said, winking at his mortified friend. Jin somehow managed to smack Marus bottom with his towel for that remark before the older male could get away.Ill get you for that, Nakamaru Yuichi! Jin barked at his retreating friend who merely laughed infuriatingly without even bother turning around. Junno merely said cryptically as he passed Jin, his customary generous friendly smile on his face, A less empty house sounds more inviting to go home to, ne?Jin thought that it was probably one of Junnos ambiguous jokes so he didnt think much of ityet.And so they both practiced for another 45 minutes together and Jin rested for the remaining half an hour as Kame continued his. It was during this 30 minutes that it occurred to him that Junno was right. He always avoided going home early because it was lonely once he got there. And almost always, he would leave early in the morning due to the same reasons. The house was big enough for two, comfortably so. And it was near enough to the studio. Maybe it would be nice to live with someone. Someone likeKame, Jin thought Kame had said. He shook his head. Did Kame just spoke out his name out loud?!Eh? What did you say?!I said I was thinking of buying a kame13. What do you think? he asked Jin as he seated himself next to Jin on the couch, having a slight trouble unscrewing a bottle of mineral bottle what with his sweaty, slippery hands and exhaustion plaguing him.Oh, that, Jin had heard him right the first time around. So he wasnt going crazy. He gently took the bottle away from Kames light grip and undid the bottle cap effortlessly. Kame flushed at his ineptness of completing something simple like uncapping a mineral water bottle and promptly thanked Jin embarrassedly. Jin smiled and passed a face towel to Kame to wipe his hands with; a silent way of saying he knew it wasnt Kames inability that hindered him. It never fails to amaze Jin how much they understood from simple gestures alone. Even Maru had commented on that once.Yeah, kame! Then you can buy one and Ill buy one. They can play together and all. he said scooting near. Uh-ohKames in his pleading puppy-dog mode. One that Jin was almost powerless to refuse. He scrunched his nose as he thought about how he was going to ask him to live with him let alone approach the matter. Would a puppy-dog Jin mode work on him?Kame immediately thought that Jin didnt like the idea of taking care of the tortoises, so he hurriedly continued his plea, Oh, you dont have to worry! I can keep and take care of both of them. I have experience. I swear! Onegai~!14Jin smirked and said. Oh, I know what youre doingyou just want to have two tortoises and pay for only one.Eh? Kame blushed, slightly annoyed that Jin would think of him like that, I do not!Jin raised an eyebrow at that remark so Kame had to sheepishly explain himself, Well, okay. I did hope that you would buy one toobut only because then we can both have the same pets. I had hoped that theyd be something that we could share. But then since it seems like the tortoises gross you out, Id still hope youd buy one. I can take care of it for youjust so itd be like something we both boughtoh, nevermind!Jin had to smile. Kame had wanted to share something with him. He actually understood what Kame had meant and he liked it. By the time he gave up with the explanation, Kame looked so displeased that it didnt work out like he wished it would. Even though an upset, petulant Kame was cute, a smiling, laughing Kame was all the more wonderful. So Jin said, Alright, but we cant buy both male tortoisesthey would only get competitive.Maji?15 he replied, earnestly astounded specifically by the fact that he didnt think of that. He was silent for a moment. After about a minute or so, he looked up and turned to Jin with renewed determination.Daijoubu!16 Ill buy a female one instead and Ill name her Kazuya anyway. I dont think shell mind, he decided.And Jin had lost, with a smile on his lips. And so they packed to leave the studio and head for the pet store to get the tortoises before going out for a late lunch. As Jin was packing his bag, Kames handphone rang. He answered then moved a way from Jin to talk to the person on the phone better. About 15 minutes later, Kame returned to Jin with a look that spoke volumes. Their manager had reprimanded him for being late again. Probably found out from one of the trainers or assistants. None of the KAT-TUN members would have blabbed on him. Kame, Jin thought, was looking really upset, anxious and stressed out. The company, Johnny Jr., have always taken their time seriously and the reasons behind anyones lateness never really matter much to them, be it because your house was burnt to the ground or the apocalyptic death of a pet. To them, there is no excuse to be late.Wanting to distract him from the breaking point of his sanity or at least his emotional dam, Jin grabbed Kames hand and they both exited the studio. After ten minutes of silent calming period, Jin took his chance, Anou sa, Kamethat was the management wasnt it?En, he said as he nodded.Are you okay? Jin asked cautiously.Aa, hekiheki!17 he answered with a bright fake smile and waved his hand in dismissal.Lets go and get those tortoises, kay? Jin whispered conspiratorially and Kames expression brightened considerably at Jins suggestion.***End of Chapter 1: Behind The Smiles, Laughter and TardinessTBCPlease R

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So this is part of my parting gift, don't's temporary, I hope. I am leaving on Friday but please review cause i'll still read them and reply, i promise. And I'll keep writing if you want me to....will x-post it in akame_ and kattunloveAnyway, this piece is dedicated to lintzu, anepotter and alexiel and all of the people in the comm. Thanks for the support. And sorry to drop the bomb on you like that. I know there are many Akame fics and they're not a Title: Art of Living - Chapter 3: Bottled Feelings and MiscommunicationPairing: Akame, hint of MarUeda ( ane! It's a MarUeda, okay..maybe not yet.) (I'm worried this might scare off other akame or Jueda fans, but I swear they're a cute couple!) Ratings: maybe PG-13Disclaimer: I do not own any of the names used in this fic (they belong to their respective owners). This fic is made for entertainment purposes only and was not meant to infringe or to cause any sort of infamy (it's a fiction for God's sake!). the usual disclaimer applies here. Oh, and if I forgot to mention before, I'm really sorry that they might be OOC. But boys are late to mature, no? *grins*Art of Living Chapter 3: Bottled Feelings and MiscommunicationA week passed by and neither had spoken about the offer. It was as if it had been a dream. They spent everyday like Jin had never approached Kame with the idea. Practice went around like normal and Kame still arrived late every other day. And the others still harassed Jin and Kame separately at every chance they got. But with their tight schedule, they barely have time off and often time, by the time they finished at the end of the day, theyd be too tired to even just hang out.Kame had been discussing with his parents almost every single available moment, trying to persuade them to let him stay with Jin. He would call on Jin on some nights just to talk about their pets, who are both currently under Jins care and friends and work. And Jin would call every other night to chat with him, but somehow or rather, Kame never got around to tell Jin about the progress that hed made with his parents because every time he wanted to or at least tried to, he either got interrupted or his courage deserted him in the eleventh hour; worried that hed sound too eager or clingy. And Jin never raised or mentioned about the proposition.It occurred to Kame that Jin might have second thoughts about the plan, but he could not be sure of what Jin was thinking since the latter never spoke a word of it. Could it be that Jin had doubts about sharing his space with him? Kame had begun to think that it was some kind of prank that Jin was pulling on him and despite his affection for the elder man; he could help but feel irritated at the fact he might have been played and tired of Jins indecisiveness. And he felt hurt.Jin was almost fearful to broach the subject fearing Kames answer and that the youngest KAT-TUN would be pressured to live with him and think that he was being too pushy. He had asked the first few days after the discussion but seeing or hearing would be more apt- Kames increasingly annoyed, irresolute answer, his persistence withered down to a point of being nearly non-existent. And so, they got nowhere. And to make matters worse, everyone else was oblivious to the arrangement so none of them had half a mind to meddle. Well, not intentionally, anyway.***It was shortly after their practice and everyone was everywhere. Kame sat silently on one of the chairs somewhere not so far away from the sofa, sighing occasionally. Koki sat next to Ueda on the mentioned sofa, nodding to the tune of his MiDi player and munching happily on an onagiri1. He offered his spare one to Ueda who politely refused it then continued to stare distractedly at some invisible spot on the wall. The elder male wore a slightly troubled and sullen expression on his face.Na, Ueda-kun, whats troubling you? Koki asked almost casually, pulling off one of his earphones to listen to his friends woes.Nothing, why are you asking? Ueda looked at Koki, suddenly in defensive mode.Nah, Marus worried, he said shaking his head languidly, Says youre not being your regular self; Aloof, he says. You know, Maru being Maru and all.It wasnt until he accidentally stumbled upon this conversation, did it occurr to Kame that there had been some tension between Ueda and Maru since a few days back and he couldnt help but feel piqued about this recent episode.A slight distance away, oblivious to Ueda and Kokis conversation Jin leaned on wall beside the training room door, pondering about Kame and his predicament. Beyond that door was Maru and Junno talking over some things and Jin couldnt help but overhear their conversation.He thinks youre pissed with him, Junno explained.Well, he stood me up. Im irritated, but Im not pissed, Maru said in an aggravated tone.Im sure he didnt mean to. Its probably a misunderstanding. You should talk to him, the younger one rationalized.But he keeps avoiding me! came the irritated reply.Come on, youre craftier than that. Go on! Genki o tsukeru!2 Junno said in encouragement thus pushing the eldest male through the door towards the common area. Taking in a deep breath, Maru did as he was told.Maru nudge Koki to say, go away for a while. I wanna talk to him. He younger boy grinned and gave a thumbs up sign as made a move across to the other side of the coffee table to plop down next to Kame then patted his side as an invitation for Junno to join him. Junno sat on the armrest beside Koki, who easily struck a light conversation with his counterpart, both trying very hard to look politely uninterested in the drama unfolding right before their eyes. Jin had moved from his perch on that particular patch of wall to join the gang, standing relatively close to the youngest KAT-TUN.Uedatalk to me, Maru said in a gentle prodding voice.Youre angry with me, arent you? Ueda said after a while, his voice sounded tentative even to Kame, who was trying hard to look like he wasnt listening, too.I waited for an hour and a half that day, and then you called up and cancelled out on me. With no explanation, too. So I just went out by myself. Im not mad, UedaI justI deserve some explanation.Its silly, Ueda said, shaking his head, I am sorry, really I am that I did that. Can we just leave it at that?I wont know if you dont tell me. Did I do something to you? And what if it happens again?There was a small sigh. Five different set of eyes turn to watch Ueda. After a pregnant pause, the leader finally relented, I hate imposing on you and your family, Nakamaru. I spend so much time at your house; it makes me feel ashamed that I act as if it was my second home. It was on my mind constantly and that day, I just couldnt bring myself to face your family. They must be annoyed that I go there all the time, even when you dont invite me over. The dark chestnut haired leader kept his head bowed, refusing to meet Marus gaze.What?! Maru said, looking thoroughly perplexed, what on this half crazed planet gave you that notion?! Like I said, its stupid, Ueda took in another calming breath. Let me judge whether it is or not, the other answered calmly.Feeling that he had no where to run and that it was probably better to spill the beans, Ueda prepared himself to come clean. Uedas expression was similar to someone who was about to confess a grievous sin and in a remorseful voice he continued, Last weekend, when I was about to leave, I overheard your sisters talking about how Im always dropping by the house and how Im perpetually there then, they suddenly burst into giggles. I felt so horrified. Then a few days later, when I called you, I remember hearing your dad asking you in the background, Is Ueda-kun coming again? and that made me feel even worse. Im really sorry. I didnt know I cause your family such nuisance.To everyones surprise, Maru laughed out really loud. The he looked at Ueda before saying in a curt tone, Youre right.This statement made four heads to turn violently towards Maru in disbelief, oblivious face forgotten, and one to bow down even lower. Everyone was already on their feet and was ready to run to Uedas comfort seeing as how he looked so dejected, that was until Maru opened his mouth and continued, It is silly for you to assume that. The facts are that my sisters have like the hugest crush on you for god-knows-what reason and oyaji3 loves having you over because you enjoy his food so much.Eh? Ueda asked, immediately looking so glad. Hontou ni?4 I felt so upset cause I thought you were just playing me for a fool all this while.Baka5! How can you think that?! Maru knocked him upside his head almost affectionately, See, this is what happens when you jump to conclusions and keep things bottled up. I cant always know what youre thinking. When you assume you make an ass out of you and me! (A/N: Gomen! I couldnt help it! My mom and physics teacher used to say this to me. Eheh! ^_^;)The blond nodded, guiltily. You mean youre not annoyed having me around all the time? Ueda asked, since everything was out on the open.Tat-chan, how long have we been friends? If I were annoyed, dont you think Id have just told you so? Besides, I would have gotten rid of you years ago otherwise, Maru said, patting Uedas shoulder.Uhh, MaruI have something else to tell you since were being honest I actually dont like peas, Ueda admitted sheepishly. The others thought that Ueda was being lighthearted and was cracking a random joke. However, unbeknownst to all the rest, that statement had somewhat soothed Marus hurt pride because it was the reason why Ueda never ate Marus special stir-fried veges.Yosh!5 Were eating stir-fried veges today and youre all invited! Maru announced laughingly, much to Uedas anguish.And it occurred to all of them that nothing cures insecurities better than a little confession and that sometimes, you need to be direct and honest with people you care about because messages tend to get lost along the line. And Kame hoped that when he promised Jin that he would call that night, the message wasnt lost on him.***Later that night, Jin waited anxiously by the phone for Kames promised call. It came quarter to ten. He was feeding Jin and Kazuya (the tortoises named after a character in Tekken: Jin Kazuya, which is coincidently the combination of both of their names) some veggie pellets and fresh cabbages when the cordless phone rang.Moshi moshi6, Akanishi residence.Jin? Kame here.And Jin decided to get straight to the point and ask him outright. No more dallying, So? Are we in? Will they let you stay with me? At least, you know, try it out?There was a stunned pause on Kames end, like he didnt expect Jin to just pop the question like that and in one go, Wel~lIt was a really long talk.And?Kaa-san7 wasnt too excited to hear about it at first, but then I told her that management have been giving me a hard time about always being late and worn outand that youre terribly lonely living by yourself and then, there were a lot of persuasion and promises, here, the boy took another long pause. Jins heartbeat was beating like crazy.Then she agreed to give me a months trial. You know, to see if itll be okay with both of us, Kame finalized. Jin released the breath he didnt realize he was holding. If Kame were there with him, he wouldve spun the younger man around in circles.Yatta! YATTA~!8 Jin yelled. It didnt matter to him that the neighbors could hear him; he was happy and glad. He could hear Kame laughing on the other end of the line, Urusai yo9! Youre loud! Ureshii10, Kame-kun Jin admitted softly. He wished hed brought it up sooner. Jin could imagine a soft blush dancing on Kames cheeks, as -he was sure- was on his own from the heat he felt.Na, my mom wants to say something, Kame said before passing the phone over. There was a slight interaction between mother and son (Kaa-san, please, Kazuya, dont you trust me not to ruin your reputation? I know you think highly of him and I happen to like him, too) that Jin could pick up before Mrs. Kamenashi picked the phone.Kamenashi-san.Akanishi-kun, Im so sorry that my son has troubled you so much. He is always like that. Are you sure you want him to live with you? You know how he can be. I dont want to burden you with babysitting Kazuya, her voice had a lilting quality to it that -Jin was sure- was a trait that Kame had inherited. Jin has met Kames mom great many times since KAT-TUN began, especially during the earlier period. She was more than pretty; she was beautiful. It was no mystery where Kame got his looks: his parents were real lookers. Kame had her bright eyes, lusciously pouty lips, alluring brows and wondrously soft looking hair, not that Jin was eyeing his close friends mom.Kaaaa-san~! Kame whined from behind, Dont embarrass me in front of Jin, will you! Kame had taken his mothers bait and she just laughed at her son and said, Gaki11!Jin just had to chuckle at the mother-son antics, Its no problem Kamenashi-san. I hope you dont mind that I borrow your son from you indefinitely. Kames mom laughed. Aa, I dont mind. I trust both of you will take care of each other fine. But dont feel shy to tell me if Kazuya doesnt keep his end of the bargain or do his chores or if hes being a brat, ne? And dont forget to drop by every once in a while. They even have the same laugh.Ill be sure to keep an eye on him. When can I come and help him with his things?Ah, youd better discuss the arrangement with him. Ill leave you two to go over things, and a second later, Kame was back on the phone.Hidoi yo, okaa-san12! Kame huffed embarrassedly into the phone, Now you probably dont want me as your housemate.I dont think any less of you, Kame. You know that.Arigatou13, another blush graced Kames cheeks, not that Jin could see, before he stuttered to change the topic, E-erm, anyway, Ive started packing and Im thinking that Ill just bring the essentials first. Eh, youre coming by train, right?Yeah.What happened to your car, anyway? Just out of curiosity, Kame said intrigued. Jin guessed -from hearing all the sliding drawers and soft creaks from old, worn cabinets- that Kame was packing as he was talking to him.The car? Well, ever since okaa-san started working at that new place, she needed the car and since tou-san let her drive the family car to commute, I lent him mine, Jin explained, eying the small green tortoises moving towards the fresh cabbage he held towards them. Naruhodo14. Anyway, come around ten-ish. Ill be done by then, I think.Jin yelped and dropped the phone.Jin? Jin! Are you okay?! Kame called out, fearing the worst. He heard a slight rustle then the phone being picked up.Kazuya bit me, he said almost accusatorily. Kame could almost hear the pout, which he was pretty sure, was on Jins face then. Then he heard Jin mumbled, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.She must really like you. Should I feel jealous? Kame asked laughingly.Of me or of your little green darling? Jin asked, baiting Kame on.Oh, you Anyway, tomorrow 10-ish. Ill pack all that I can manage first, but well only take the ones I can carry, he answered, creatively maneuvering around the question.Okay. Get some rest tonight, Ka~zu~ya-kun!Ahaha, urusai! Go away, I wanna pack, he retorted not unkindly.And, KameIm sorry if I made you feel like you just had to agree to thisJin said quietly.Ah, iie15! Im sorry that I kinda acted aloof or too clingy or anything. What Maru saidit makes sense and hes right. Erm, so Ill see you tomorrow?Hai!Jya~!16 and the phone line went dead. The lonely, hollow feeling surrounded Jin as soon as he ended the call. Even the little tortoises crawling around his lap didnt erase the feeling. The overbearing silence only worked to further amplify each of his depressive sighs.I wish your master was hereI wish anyone was, he said to the oblivious Kazuya Jr. while absently rubbing circles on its shell. Jin the Tortoise (affectionately dubbed Chibi Jin) had already fallen off the side of his leg onto the couch on his quest to cross the terrain of the Great Akanishi Lap.Then he dialed another familiar number on the phone.***And Kame was glad. He sat down on his bed and contemplated things as he folded his t-shirt and jeans. They had had a little bit of a fall out, Jin and him, ever since Jin did Anego. And Kame was truly upset. It was just that he was really close to Jin before and when Jin was away doing the shooting and all, he was all lonely and depressed and it kind of affected their relationship after that.Basically, everyone have someone theyre close to in the gang and Kames someone was Jin. To Kame, Junnos fun to talk to because theyre almost the same age, but hes always with Ueda. Kokis fun to hang around with but hes closer to Nakamaru and Nakamaru close to Koki and Ueda. And Jinwell, Jins close to everyone and everyones close to him. He bickers a lot with Maru but theyre good friends. He even has Yamashita-sempai for a good friend. So where do I, Kamenashi Kazuya stand in Akanishi Jins books?Kame, on the other hand is a little bit of an introvert, so he kinda keeps a lot of things to himself. But then he got close to Jin when they started, a balance was struck and he became more open. However ever since Jin started to be constantly away, he had to be close to someone, at the least. The rest used to acknowledge the fact that Jin would spend some extra time with Kame and that Kame was probably the person Jin was closest to in KAT-TUN. But since Anego, Kame was lonely so they coddled him and being the youngest, it wasnt that hard.Although he enjoyed all the attention the rest was giving him, he was glad that Jin was back. And he was even gladder that things are turning up this way. Really, truly glad. ***Oi, Akanishi! How are you? Aa, genki17. Sorry to disturb you this late, man, Jin said to his friend.Ah, daijoubu18. Whats bugging you? came the reply.Nothingyou know how we started growing apart after that drama I did?You and Kame-kun?Yeah.I know. You should do something about it, Akanishi. I know you have a serious soft spot for him. And hes a nice guy, the voice on the other side of the line said.Thats the thing, man. I did.And I think hes a bit upset that youve been away and everything. So he started going around trying to get anyones attention cause youre always not there and even now that you are there, the habit kinda stays, then he paused, eh, you did?Jin was silent as all of what his friend said sunk in.Thats good to know!Maji19? Jin asked, confused.Of course its good to know!No, I mean what you saidabout him being upset and seeking attention and all, Jin said unsure.Ara, Jin. You mean you havent notice that? his friend answered kindly. No, I thought he avoided me becauseyou know something like a payback or something, Jin confessed.well, maybe that too. But I dont think he was conscious about it, anyway. Hes just not that type of person, the voice relented.Jin chuckled a bit, Wow, suddenly youve become an expert on Kame-ism!And his friend laughed wholeheartedly, Well, someones gotta watch out for him while you were gone. And I like to psychoanalyze people and relationships. Oh yeah, so what did you do?I invited, no, bribed him to stay with me.And his friend was silent for a long minute.Yamashita? Oi, are you there?Maa, sugoi20! Your brain finally worked properly. Is he taking the spare room? Jin could almost hear the gleeful grin and the ticking clockwork of his friends mind.Not for now. Hell be sharing my bed, Jin said.Your bed! his friend exclaimed and Jin blushed to his feet, slapping his free hand over his mouth. Hes never gonna live it down. He could hear his good friend laughing his ass off and wished that the earth would swallow him whole.Hayai, na21! Do you think I can install cameras all over your house? You knowjust to make sure you dont screw him around too much, Yamashita Tomohisa said after a long, satisfying laugh.You know I wouldnt do that to him, Jin said, indignant.I meant it literally, Akanishi, and he laughed some more when he heard Jin groan. Yamashita! You know hes like a brother to me! Jin exclaimed, exasperated.Well, since you put it that way, I didnt realize you were into incest cause the way you look at himit sure doesnt look very brotherly to me, Yamapi said. He could only do so much not to laugh out loud at Jins strangled reaction.But seriously, I know that you wouldnt screw him aroundthough, Im not too sure about that literal part, he then quoted something Jin had said in an interview, I know youre much closer to me and maybe Ueda-kun, too, but its his feelings that you care about most, darou? That says a lot about you, Jin. And what you feel for him, if only youd admit it.Whatever, man. Im off. Gonna get some rest, Jin said, shaking his head.Say hi to him for me when you see him. Dont forget to give him a hugon my behalf, the NewS leader said. Then he quickly said Jya and put the phone down before Jin could put in a word edgewise.And so Jin replaced his new petstheir new pets into their dry aquarium and padded off to his bedroom to tidy up his closet before going to sleep. Hed tell the rest tomorrow.***End of Chapter 3: Bottled Feelings and MiscommunicationsTBC?Please R