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How to Build a Solid Online Brand

Reputation management is typically only thought of when an Online Marketing Consultant is needed after negative publicity. Companies should consider that building a positive brand image is a strategy that works best if it's implemented before it's needed. Below, business owners can learn some ways that a Digital Marketing Agency can build a positive reputation from the beginning, or to rebuild a brand after negative news.

Own and Manage the Company's Website

The first step in creating a good online brand is to have a website, and to have one for the business owner's name. A website with an exact person's or business' name generally ranks first during searches for that name. If the company's website is #1 in the SERPs, it gets the most clicks, and many people do not search any further.

Start Some Blogs

The company's main blog does not have to be the only one. Because of Google's Direct Connect and Google+ authorship, company owners can tell the search engine that any blog is related to the business. If the company wants to rank some blogs for its name, the UK branding pdf should link them to the owner's Google+ profile through Google authorship.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Any business should have a presence on social media, and owners should create several profiles and keep them updated. It makes sense to build an audience on these social sites, and to consider each connection to be a link to the business owner's profile. The more connections a page has, the better it will rank in search results.

Claim Local Profiles

If the business is local, its owner should claim local directory listings and profiles, or create them if they're non-existent. Sites like Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, Yelp and others help companies with local search marketing and brand building.

Create Guest Posts

Where positive brand marketing and consulting are concerned, business owners shouldn't look for one-time opportunities. Rather, they should write for sites that have strong author bio pages, or one that allows the creation of a custom profile. The more visible a site, the more likely that the business owner's author page will rank high in the search engine results.

Building a good online brand takes time, effort and focus. However, an online marketing agency can help simplify the process. By following the tips above and by hiring outside help, companies can recover from bad publicity quickly and easily.

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