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Typical entries include examples of designers

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The evolution of fashion from practical to popular spans the history of discount tiffany. The Egyptians draped themselves in linen and cotton, and "accessorised" with beads and precious stones; nineteenth century Europe saw a renaissance in classical style from the Roman Empire; and the prestige of Jimmy Choos have replaced "foot protection" as the original purpose of shoes! Covering such a vast and constantly changing institution in one volume is an impossible task, but the aim of this dictionary is to provide a summary of the fashion industry to date, covering all aspects from design to retail. Authors Sterlacci and Arbuckle, designers and instructors in the "rag trade", acknowledge the necessary limitations of scope and depth - discount Tiffany Bangles American and European names and terms, general definitions, a more contemporary focus - and offer a comprehensive, accessible background to the "global behemoth" that is fashion.

Perhaps the most informative section of the dictionary is the chronology, key events and discoveries in clothing and design from 50,000 BCE to the twenty-first century, and the concise introduction which follows. Placing the entries in a historical and economic context helps to form a cultural understanding of traditions and trends in fashion: technological advancements and the influence of social status. Haute discount Tiffany Bracelets couture , and the steadily declining exclusivity of design, bridges the centuries between extravagant Court dress in Europe and the department stores of today; La Belle époque decoration was replaced by utilitarian style during the wars, and revived with Dior's "New Look" in the 1950s. No longer the of the wealthy few, fashion has grown into a worldwide establishment, promoted by advertising and produced en masse .

Typical entries include examples of designers and retailers, materials and trends, industry jargon, plus histories of departments such as menswear and advertising. The first fashion magazine was the illustrated Mercure Gallant in 1672, followed by another French innovation, the department store, in 1838 ( Le Bon Marché ). Beau Brummell was the original "fashionista", maligned designer Burberry invented the trenchcoat,discount Tiffany Pendants and the zipper began life as the "automatic and continuous closure device" in 1851! Design and trade unions are explained, as well as the underbelly of glamour, counterfeiting and sweatshops. Regrettably, there are few images to display the evolution of fashion as described - eight grainy in the centre of the dictionary are offered to summarise six decades of style from the 1940s to the new millennium.

The Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry , the second volume in a series on and industries, is informative and straightforward. Well-known names and popular trends are featured; extensive listings of further reading material, web sites, associations and other centres are supplied in helpful appendices; and specialised terms are explained to the general reader. The biographical details and electronic sources will date quickly, but fashion is a constantly updating field after all, and most of the entries are retrospective. Students and slaves of the industry alike will find this a helpful accessory.


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he collection is so renowned

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BEHIND an unassuming courtyard door off the rue de Babylone on the rive gauche in Paris, an art-and-design collection like no other awaits dispersal. Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion designer who died last June at the age of 71, and Pierre Berge, his business and personal partner, assembled the collection together over 50 years. At the end of February at the Grand Palais, Christie's will bring the hammer down on 733 objects. This is the biggest single-owner sale in auction history and, potentially, a coup for the Paris art market, which recently suffered the humiliation of being overtaken, in auction turnover, by Hong Kong (New York and London still rank first and second).

Saint Laurent's grand salon lies at the end of a grand lacquered hallway. A glance to one side of the long rectangular room takes in a large cubist Picasso, a delicate painting of a countess by Jean August Dominique Ingres, tiffany on sale an iconic mechanical nude by Fernand Leger, an odd portrait of two children by Theodore Gericault, and a rare wooden primitivist sculpture by Constantin Brancusi that was once in Leger's own collection. In the mirror behind the Brancusi are reflected three more Leger paintings and a splendid Giorgio de Chirico (pictured below). The combined low estimate for these nine pieces is EUR 73m ($94.2m).

These works hang above a covetable array of furniture by first-rate designers from the Art Deco period (Gustav Miklos, Pierre Legrain, Eileen Gray and Jean Dunand), as well as small 17th-century statues of muscular Greek gods and Tiffany Bangles rampant animals and other significant objets d'art. Almost every piece boasts a stellar cast of previous owners. The only unsightly thing in the room is Moujik IV, Saint Laurent's pet bulldog, who greets visiting collectors with an indolent sniff.

From the grand salon, the visitor passes through the music room, lined with mirrors by Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne that Saint Laurent and Mr Berge commissioned in 1974, then down the stairs past both an Egyptian sarcophagus flanked by early 16th-century depictions of John the Baptist and a room of curiosities, including cameos, chalices, crosses and Medusa heads. Then comes Saint Tiffany Bracelets aurent's personal library--a light, airy room containing, among other things, three magnificent Mondrian canvases dating from 1918, 1920, and 1922. The overall effect is one of profound glamour and intelligent luxury--just as expected from the team that married high art and fashion.

The collection is so renowned, and the works combine so well, that it is not surprising that Abu Dhabi tried to pre-empt the auction by buying it all. Mr Berge acknowledges that a dealer approached him on behalf of someone Tiffany Pendants in the Middle East, but was unwilling to elaborate. Mr Berge, however, is set on dismantling the collection for emotional as well as financial reasons. The auction is a spectacular homage and final goodbye to an intimate collaboration.

Additionally, Mr Berge may not want it to overshadow the collection of 5,000 haute couture outfits and 15,000 accessories, sketches and related objects whose preservation and promotion are the raison d'etre of the Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation. In fact, half of the auction proceeds will go the Foundation (the other half will go to Mr Berge, and to funding a variety of charity projects including scientific research into AIDS).

Almost as intriguing as the pieces themselves are the machinations involved in bringing them to market. Many dealers assumed that the collection would be consigned to Sotheby's, which sold the contents of Mr Berge's Pierre Hotel apartment in New York in 2004. Moreover, Mr Berge is not enamoured of Francois Pinault, Christie's owner, who also happens to own the Gucci Group, which bought the YSL brand in 1999 and assigned Tom Ford as creative director--an unhappy experience for Saint Laurent.


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the fascinating manner accessory

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Future of Jewelry Business

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In recent years, it is difficult to find a silver started a brand of jewelry moving towards the ranks of senior jewelry, like the silver jewelry from tiffany bracelets saleseries jewelry in the spring and summer this year, a new series, not only You are introduced to retain the past, traditional silver jewelry, but also an increase of some exaggeration, for example, the design of which is a movie into a silver feathercheap tiffany jewelryfeather on each texture are described and detailed, creating a strong Behind feeling very stylish design, and the brand is not restricted to the production of step-by-step self-styled in silver jewelry, sterling silver was launched in Jewelry Design, in order to increase this spring and summer a lot of charming atmospheretiffany earrings on sale
Sterling silver jewelry from tiffany co is the jewelry people all dream about. For most people, online shopping is a wise way to buy necklaces and other jewelry.

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Simple Jewelry Piece

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Maybe you are obsessed with various jewelries, but have you ever considered that   whether the jewelries you obtained are really suitable for you? Do they   highlight you? Do they make you be more attractive? I do not mean that your<a href=""><strong>Tiffany key   rings</strong></a>are   not fantastic, but the point is do they match with your face shape and hair   style? And something likes a teardrop<a href="">tiffany for   sale</a>upside down triangle, or even a button look perfect. Put   your face shape and hair style into consideration when you choose your right   jewels so as to well display their decorative role. If the clothes are   embellished with lace, the jewelries decorated should be simple so as to avoid   conflict. As for dinner parties, these elegant and charming authentic jewelries   are never wrong. If your skin is in healthy color, then you??d better choose the   Tiffany Pendant jewels with less lively color, such as silver, to let your skin   look much better. It will look better for not very tall ladies to wear small and   exquisite Tiffany Necklaces than the large ones. And for the young, they like   bright and colorful tiffany wedding<a href="">discount   tiffany</a>with   special design.