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Atlas toggle bracelet

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When speaking of the trends in jewelry, earrings seem to have undergone the biggest change in recent years. Earrings comes in a great variety of shapes and styles, including hoop styles, dangles or drops, simple stud style and chandelier style. The traditional small studs, small hoops and dangles are now replaced with oversized dangle earrings. These modern dangle earrings are not like the old fashion of oversized hoops; this current fashion is for oversized dangles, not oversized in length, but in width. The length of dangling earrings now is not remarkable; the width, however, is quite shocking. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the hair from the earrings because the dangles seem to fill virtually the whole area surrounding the face. Despite their size, these dangle earrings are quite pretty, feminine and elegant.

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Tiffany & Co, as the most well-known and respected jewelry company in American, also has many sorts of dangle earrings in Tiffany silver jewelry, as well as the most stylish oversized hoop-style earrings. We can see the timeless spirits and unique design in these Tiffany silver jewelry pieces.

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Tiffany Cushion Toggle bracelet
Atlas toggle bracelet

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