Computer Support Services in Sydney

Jul 10, 2013 at 14:32 o\clock

IT Services in Sydney

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OpenDoorIT is an IT services provider company based in Sydney which serves specially the small businesses and enterprises. We understand the technical issues that a small company might have to face can be really infuriating and time-consuming.

We provide all the backing our customers need in the area of computers, networks, advisory software development, cloud computing, computer services, repair support, compliance hardware, data backup, advertising programs and business solutions. Our services are aimed to support the business owner develop, achieve, and safeguard the organization they've worked so hard to build.

We offer to host and administer the entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks and more. We are not just a bunch of people proving IT services and solutions to small businesses. We also provide data recovery options and cloud computing services so that your data is safe and secured. Our business consultants provide consultancy related to management and business for the overall growth of the company.

We offer services like:

·         Remote Support

A protected service that allows a representative to support an end user in resolving computer problems, either by displaying what steps to take via screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the desktop and executing a task distantly. It takes care of security, share and control.

·         Onsite Support

The support services and solutions are provided on the location of the problem or area of concern.

·         Consultancy Services

They provide advices and suggestion in the area of interest. Advices on management of variation, re-orientation of business, product development etc. is provided to the companies.

·         Project Monitoring

Monitoring and controlling on the activities being held in project/s at different levels.

·         Network Auditing

It informs you how secure or insecure the network is. The network should be always maintained to prevent any damage or loss.

·         Network Support

It is the maintenance of existing corporate network. It sometimes outspreads from testing and troubleshooting issues to regular maintenance. The network support team contributes high-level support such as strategic arrangement of network upgrades and high-level network performance studies.

·         Technical Support

Helps in maintaining and repairing computers and computer networks.

We are working hard to raise the standard of IT services in Sydney . We provide excellent services to all of our clients. We not only provide Management consultancy but also technical skills for the business. This boons us with the chance of getting to learn new and latest technologies profiting one of our clients and hence we get to offer similar solutions to our other clients.