Black Ice 87

30.06.2016 um 10:32 Uhr

Unrest, x phile

Stimmung: Restless, nervous
Musik: Underworld- I exhale, Martin Eyrer- Hey hey

Sitze hier und muss lernen. Klappt nicht so recht, bin so unkonzentriert. Bin so leer und deprimiert for whatever reason. Typical situation. Sitting around in the need to hurt but can't and that makes it even worse. Seems like I lost the ability to express myself, damn. Music makes it even worse and later on a peer of mine comes around so we can learn I can't do anything at all to hurt myself. Gives me even more lack of concentration, searching ways out and harm myself without getting caught. It's so egoistic, thinking about nothing else than me and how to get in better condition. It even physically hurts in my stomach. 

Feel sorry for my fellow men to get confronted with meBeschäftigt