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Henry Hoover Family - Selecting Your Perfect Cleaning Friend

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Henry Hoover from Numatic can be a globally recognized vacuum cleaner which has a reputation for excellent performance and quality. This continues to be achieved initially through their own personal branding but mainly as a result of superior design and gratification that Henry possesses. The functionality and ease of use of the Henry Hoover is the reason best household vacuum best vacuum cleaner for home best vacuum cleaner for home why many people choose it over other floor cleaners. Numatic has now made a decision to grow for the amazing success of Henry by developing new models. Each model like Henry may be named, giving each a unique personality. They have designed each new loved one with unique individual talents, allowing consumers to pin point the ideal vacuum cleaner for his or her own specific needs. The new additions include Hetty, Harry, James, George and Charles. Each vacuum has been designed and manufactured with similar insight and care about detail as Henry, giving the assurance that whichever vacuum you ultimately choose it's going to be tough, durable and still have exceptional performance. Harry Hoover may be specifically designed to cater for those that have pets. Equipped with MicroFresh activated charcoal filter and dual purpose HairoBrush, Harry can combat the unwanted smells, dirt and hair that pets may bring to the home. George and Charles have both been suitable for dry or wet vacuuming, having the capacity to get accidental spills. George is further enhanced with scrubbing and drying capabilities for hard floors and cleaning of carpets and upholstery, making her the greatest cleaning solution. James Hoover has become designed with the environment in your mind, making them the most green and efficient vacuums out there. With energy efficiency figures 50% better than competing vacuums, James also boasts 20% lowering of noise levels and 30% improvement in air quality. The new cable storage design also incorporates space for storage for dusters and polishing equipment, adding for the functionality and simplicity. Hetty could be the female addition towards the family and possesses every one of the powerful and durability qualities of her male counterparts, with this added bit of glitz and glam. There is a Henry Hoover to fit every ones lifestyle and cleaning requirements. For more information about the range of Henry Hoovers and their unique capabilities check out .

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