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26.09.2009 um 15:05 Uhr

parallel to İstanbul Biennale

von: hibou


"What keeps mankind alive?" is the central motto of the İstanbul-Biennale 2009. Four artists are doing a parallel event in Bodrum

26.09.2009 um 14:51 Uhr


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my Installation in Bodrum 2009

Near the colossal statue of Herodotus I put these books: in jar, to walk on, with ladies slip and with gaunts: to preserve, to go on with, to touch, to fuck

02.05.2009 um 10:07 Uhr

Watching Euronews

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“No Comment”: See the important images without words! (in 26 languages)

“f.a.q.”: Get more satisfaction! with fuck

07.11.2008 um 12:32 Uhr

"pretty fly for a black guy"

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Obama! Is ist to believe? He has been elected as first black president of the USA. I liked the joy and the exitement of the victory...

 Obama is a village in Japan and means "small beach". Will the Indians say "Chief Small Beach" or "Great Black Father in Washington" in future?

11.09.2008 um 08:56 Uhr


von: hibou

The 11th of September saw an attack on freedom, a free country and thus the whole free world. Time: 11.09.1973, place: Santiago de Chile, terrorist group: generals, the CIA, Henry Kissinger and others. Over 30000 people were tortured, raped and lost their life in the followings.

20.07.2008 um 11:57 Uhr

Six of the sadest words in the English language

von: hibou


Here they are: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush. These three “politicians” stand for the “war against terrorism” (It’s like “war against aircraft”, an American general uses to say).They started it in 2001 – we’ll not talk about nine-eleven here; it is still not known who did it – and now, nearly seven years later it may be time to look back and see the results. We assess that after seven years of war against “the evil” there are more fighters against the west and especially the US, the strongest and best equipped army in the world is bombing civilian marriage-parties and beaten (once more after Vietnam) by some few dshihadist in felt jackets and shalwars in the mountains of Afghanistan, world economy is near to crash, life has become more risky and the reputation of the USA in all Islamic nations has fallen to a depth never seen before. May we call this a defeat? The goal was to first protect and then to spread out Democracy throughout the world. Are there more democratic governments in the world than 2001? Well, I hear you say, it might take a bit more time. But aren’t the US fighting against Democracy in many other parts of the world? Let’s take Haiti.....(so far from God and so near the USA...)

Donald Rumsfeld has been fired and replaced by another puppet. Bush seems like an empty shell of a living beeing to me, like a zombie at it’s best. Will Dick Cheney leave and give up his power in the upcoming presidential elections?

We could laugh about all this hypocrisy. But we deplore much lives and the healthyness of souls (of American soldiers too). If Bush steps back I’ll curse him once more fore that: bloodthirsty monster, killer, double faced hedonist, failed human, doing all the worst he could against America, the evangile he pretends to love, the human rights. May he not be judged for his deeds......

24.06.2008 um 06:55 Uhr

the invisible ties - about blood

von: hibou

Oh, God said to Abraham,

"Kill me a son"Abe says,

"Man, you must be puttin' me on"

God say, "No." Abe say, "What?"

God say, "You can do what you want Abe, but

The next time you see me comin' you better run" (Bob Dylan, Highway 61) 

“A faint cold fear thrills through my veins”(Shakespeare's Macbeth)

“I want to live, I want to fuck, and not only with one man. Would you marry me?” (The girl to the boy in Fatih Akin’s ‘Against the Wall’) 

Blood is a very special sap (Mephistopheles, Faust’s evil partner, says: Sign with blood!) It is mythic. If we loose too much, our vitality, our life is running out with it. Red is it’s characteristic colour, but there are red and white corpuscles in it. I am looking to our flags, the Turkish and the Swiss one. In Switzerland they say about it’s signification: White freedom is emerging from the red ground of blood. Of course they think of the battles of Morgarten and Sempach, where a couple of “Swiss” peasants had the victory over the knights of Austrian Habsburg, and here in Turkey we’ll remember the Independence wars against the imperialist armies of England, France, Greece and Italy. Much blood trickled away then, as it does today in Baghdad.

Blood carries our emotions (a very common word for a young man here is “delikanlı”) and it’s following them: in seconds I blush or I get pale like linen. No, you say? Then you might be cold blooded...

But  “blood” in general signifies the past, the ancestors, our descent and origins. It contains the informations of our past, like every cell of our body. Our family? Well, our blood-relations, of course. The nation is in a queer way identified with blood. He insulted Turkish blood! said the boy who is suspicious of having shot Hrant Dink....On the other side blood is a liquid we all share as humans. It is red, no matter if we are Scottish, Eskimo, Yoruba, Apache, Anatolian, Armenian, Aborigine or Chinese. In margin of a few blood groups we are able to share it with everybody. It is renewing itself every minute and hour. It is the medium providing our body with everything he needs to stay alive in the future. There should be no more bloodshed, says God to Abraham, who was willing and ready to sacrify his son. But I fear we did not understand him. We talk about “the one world”, multiculturalism, tolerance, the attractions of other cultures etc. We travel to the outposts of the world to admire its marvels (we prefer a “World of Wonder”-hotel with not too much contact with the natives for that adventure)But  “when it comes to marrying our own daughter or son, everyone's preference is marrying them to someone of their own blood. Same religion, same nationality, same skin, same culture. This ultimate fetishism with ‘blood’ is the deepest malady of our times. We don't have the means to overcome it. “ (Elif Şafak).

Emigrants, like for example the Turks in the European countries, try to preserve their language, their traditions, their believings and their outfit more than everyone in the motherland, building an invisible ghetto themselves in their “promised lands” (because why did they emigrate?) And this belief in the “purity of blood” is for long time a big illusion. Can you find any citizen of the USA without at least 1/16 of “negro blood” running in his veins, even if the skin is “white”? Didn’t people mix for centuries by falling in love with strangers? Just look at the names on any West-European house door: You’ll find there Sarrazin, Tekin, Yala, Citton, Schimansky, Müller, Brimelow and Birkin. As far as I know there is Jewish, English, German and Gypsy-blood in my veins. And they did not tell me all.

What to do? We should think about the world – it brings blood to our brain J, and: As many as possible of us should begin to overcome this “blood fetishism”. I think not at least the readers of Bodrum Observer did some good steps to that goal...

No way to insist in purity and “honour”. We should put our human parts in foreground, shouldn’t we?

24.06.2008 um 06:51 Uhr

Full Beard!

von: hibou


Sitting on a shadowy terrace as everybody does in these hot days, I see tourists strolling along, all of them hardly dressed, not more than bikini and shorts, but there, the poor chap, maybe a German (maybe a Turk) with a long wild mane around his face! I start contemplating about beards – my God! I have no strainer around my mouth to keep back the mercimek corbası......

Women, following Imam’s orders, should cover themselves not to awake sexual desires in men. Is this commandement in analogy valid for men’s faces? In fact we find rampant, jungle-like beards in all cultures; as well Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca as Heidi’s grandfather Alm-Öhi, the Sikh, my favourite tramp in German soap opera “Lindenstrasse”, Amish and Quaker as well as the different Orthodox, the Greek, the Slave and those balancing their chests in front of some Jerusalem walls, wear it. Shouldn’t Captain Ahab and Barbarossa, sitting inside the mountain Kyffhäuser and waiting for his time to come, appreciate it?

The full beard significates “ancient” (Those people look old, my son would say). The Bible is full of those beardy men, and the beard is one of the symbols of Abraham’s, Isaak’s and Jacob’s God (Dumbledore and Hagritt only usurped it). But why then Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are not shaved? I’m sure, the Subcommandante Marcos is it underneath his masque.... Atatürk, like Tito revolutioning people and creating new countries, didn’t wear beards, did they? The beard is a sign of old traditions and prescriptions to follow from generation to generation, no chance for emancipation and individuation under it’s reign. “The beard’s cut off!” we say if we manage to overcome an old and holy rule. Judith was radical in this matter: she cut violator  Holofernes’ head right with the beard!

Erotic  aura erases from men’s mane, fragrance advertising tries to suggest. But those chin-manes dont look very attractive?

Samson’s power comes from his hair, as it is cut off he feels (and is) weak. It is not an individual power, this is a shared power, emerging from family and clan, the tribe, race and blood....(see my article about blood). The evolutionary road should leed us though from full beard to chin beard to moustache to the shaved face? But we would lose one of our male “sexual parts”?? (unfortunately we have to hide the other ones....). But what about those formerly shaved ones who turned to beards like George Harrison and Cat Stevens? Along our theory they should have met with atavisms.... I prefer Paul McCartney, he’s really looking like my aunt! The faces of elderly people – just observe it yourself – often change their gender: grandma looks quite male and grandpa turns to soft and round face – does he try to hide this fact underneath a thick beard?

We have a saying in Switzerland: pooh! this story is sooooo old, it has a beard!!!


05.10.2007 um 09:25 Uhr

Pazar in Turgutreis

von: hibou

The author sits at the borders of every saturday’s Turgutreis Pazar. The triangular or rectangular sails– or should I say tents – are separing the horizon, the upper part is blue and pure, unadulterated, unmixed, absolute, genuine, innocent, candid and  clear. The lower part is crowdy, filled with goods, mixed, disorganized, complex, knotty, disordered, hugger-mugger. (I took these terms from an ethymological encyclopaidia for “saf” and “karışık”, and they fit in perfection to that place). The triangular and rectangular tent-sheets – or should I say sails – are streched perfectly and wherever they are needed in no time by Pazar people – maybe by a majority of all Turks. It is an atavistic ability. People feel at home underneath this white, breathing roof, they sell all kinds of goods there, they crouch on a piece of rug and eat cheese and tomatoes, they even spend the night here. It is a dream of nomadism, written in their blood.

Even now at the very end of the season tourists are very much attracted to this Pazar, and they come from other places as we can see from the long file of parked autobuses. As unfortunately the season 2007 in general – if we trust in the words of Bodrum inhabitants – has been very poor, Pazar must be a very good institution for tourism in general. On the other side more and more five-star-hotels, “resorts and worrld of wonders” are being built in our region and everywhere in touristic sites. What do Americans, Europeans and Russians really expect to find during their vacations? They seem to be ambivalent. One soul inside them tells, that everything must be exactly like it is at home, that even the hotel has to look like a kremlin to make them feel sure as in Abrahams whomb. On the other side they are loning for “Orient”, “Folklore”, Turkishness and waterpipes, to take it home as a trophy – at least in digital form. Both these sides are supplied by local institutions, but pazar is happening anyway and – let’s think about climate and clima-change now – is in a certain way a “low-cost-event”, while in general tourism wants to increase by spending lots of means, energy (and CO2) not only for transporting all these people from far away, but also in building the needed infrastructure.

20.07.2007 um 13:47 Uhr

an american reader's statement

von: hibou

Next Sunday Turkey, a country overflowing with anti-American sentiment (…) will re-elect to power an American puppet government. What a sick joke! And sad testament about the Turkish electorate.”