All about caring babies

22.04.2010 um 10:39 Uhr


von: anjanethgriff   Stichwörter: baby, gift, basket, baby, clothing, baby, furnitures

Being a baby is the cutest part of life’s stage of every individual. When I was still a little child, I felt I was really loved and cared. I really loved my childhood because that was the time when I felt how special I am. For sure, you also have felt the same during your childhood.

Being cradle over the hands of my father while singing lullaby was the thing I really missed about my father. Sucking my mother’s nipple while breastfeeding me, was the thing I really missed bonding with my mother about as I grow older. Well, everything ends.

Aside from that, I also miss my favorite baby gift basket where I put different kinds of child accessories I received every time my aunties and uncles visit out house. It may sound childish, but I really missed such stuffs about being a little child.

Now I am getting old. And soon, I will be having a baby, too. As I prepare for my baby to come out of my womb, I feel so excited to be the one doing the things my parents did for me when I was a child. Every time I go to baby store, I often look for the things that she needs when she comes out. As of now, I already bought some pieces of clothing, diapers, and bathing accessories. I know, I need to purchase such items now so that I would have no more worries after I gave birth to her. I will make her feel loved and secured, just like what my parents have made me feel before.