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12 trader Review

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About 12 trader

12  Trader is one of best online trading brokers, operating throw a head office in the UK and throw many other branches around the world like Cyprus, France Russia and New Zealand.

12 trader guaranties the best solutions for trading currencies, stocks indices and commodities with an adequacy of the financial goals for all traders, regardless of the size of the investment amount you enter with it into the global market, the solutions for success are guaranteed.

12 trader is carrying on its business in accordance with the rule and regulations issued by the financial authorities of New Zealand. The company puts its whole experience and the experience of its different financial crews in order to make sure that each trader will achieve his full financial goals.


Why 12trader is your best choice?

First thing first because 12 trader is the reliable and trusted company that will bring you success.

 12traders enjoys a solid and secure relationships with the big banks and with the big financial institutions round the globe, and the company's money liquidity is one of the highest levels in the world.

The services provided by the company are unmatched at all levels, from one hand the spread between the prices of the currency pairs are the lowest in the market, and from the other hand your money is secure and it is totally separated from the company's funds.

While the other companies are offering a regular trading system and platform, a system that leaves the trader alone without any help, 12 trader gives beginners a free financial education by different courses that will teach you methods and strategies of trading forex.

And in addition 12 trader will provide you with free daily signals recommendations in order to ensure your success.





A special account manager for each trader


While other companies let their traders trade on their own, relying just on personal experience or relying just on luck, 12 trader guaranties all traders to have a special account manager who will help and lead them towards success.

A lot of people are a fried to enter the market and are afraid to invest their money because of lack of experience and because they do not have any one to lead them and teach them how to trade

So 12trader decided to fill this vacuum offering an alternative approach to the forex market.

You will have your own professional account manager who will teach you all you need to know in order to become a successful trader.


Account managers for beginners

If you are a beginner so it is your duty to choose a broker who does not leave you alone, you need a broker who takes you by the hand and teaches you everything you need in order to succeed.

 your account manager will build with you the best strategy according to the size of your investment and he will give you the free signal recommendations in order to make sure that you are not making mistakes.  


Account managers for professional traders


If you are a professional trader so of course you know that you need to ensure that your earnings ratio is much higher than your loss.

 So you should ensure that the strategies you are working with are successful ones.

 Having another opinion on your trades is a necessary thing, especially if the opinion comes from a specialist and a professional trader like you are.

In addition you can compare your analysis with 12trader analysis and with the free signals recommendations will help you look at your trades from another perspective.


Free daily signal recommendations


12 Trader provides free daily signal recommendations on currency pairs stocks, indices and commodities to all traders.  The recommendations include stop loss and take profit orders. 

12 trader vision is that the success of the company comes from the success of the traders and vice versa.

So in order to ensure the success of the traders, the company formed a special team of financial experts and professional traders who follows the market using fundamental analysis and technical analysis and then they come up with recommendations and expectations for the next moves of the charts.

Your account manager will send you this signal recommendation for free on a daily base in order to ensure your success.


With 12 trader you can:

·        Start trading immediately after opining your account.

·        You can make a deposit with your credit card or a bank wire.

·        You can work easily following the signal recommendations.   

·        You can have a personal account manager.

·        You can have personal course trainings.

·        You can open an account with 50$.


12Trader uses  Sirix Platform,  No downloading is required.

  • Real-time trading: Avoid unnecessary lags
  • Stay in touch with the latest buy and sell prices
  • Adjust the size of trading lots seamlessly
  • Place new orders with one click
  • Simplified & User-Friendly Graphics
  • Social Trading: Trade in tandem with the leading traders

 Sirix mobile trader

Sirix mobile trader platform is designed for clients who spend more time on their phones and tablets than on a PC or laptop. Using Sirix Mobile Platform, you can virtually take the market with you anywhere you go. Stay in touch with the latest economic news and market movement and process orders by a single touch at any time of the day.



12 trader is your best choice, the company will take you by the hand, teach you all you need to know and you will have free signals recommendations in order to ensure your success.