Dez 11, 2012 at 16:03 o\clock

How to Choose the Right Type of Dining for the Wedding Reception

Let us admit it. Food is one important thing in every wedding dinner. This is one of several aspects that guests would mostly remember throughout the event. In fact, the gastronomic part of any event, like birthday celebrations or get-togethers, is very essential in every way. Whether you want a buffet, formal or some picnic-like eating, selecting the correct menu for the reception is up to your discretion, but choosing the foods suited to the occasion is an aspect to contemplate on. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing to decide on the type of dining that you would like first before you proceed to recption menus to the reception.

Basically, two of the most common types of dining in the wedding dinner are buffet and formal dining. A buffet dining is one when guests stand, fall into line, get their food and get back to their seat to eat. In this particular setting, separate tables for your food will be used for reception. On the table will be the different courses and deserts that are set for your guests to choose during the dinner where there are at least 3 or 4 staffs serving for the guests. Dinner buffets either can be fork or finger buffet. In fork buffet, the food is served in different stalls like you will find there's stall for American dishes, Thais, Japanese and so on. Also you can have stalls for different types of foods like a stall for the main courses, another one for the deserts and salads and the other one for the drinks. Guests might get to pick their preferred selections from their selected stalls. Meanwhile, finger buffet is a type of reception dining that focuses on finger foods, which consist mostly of sandwiches, canapés, meatballs, breaded shrimps, chicken wings, sushi rolls, stuffed celery and so many other choices.

On the other hand, formal dining is one where the guests remain seated throughout the whole dinner as waiters and servers come up to their tables and carry platters and plates of food. This particular type of dining is much more organized than the buffet option, however you have to employ a lot of people in order for the guests to get served immediately when they need some add-ons. For a formal or a sit-down dinner, opt for a varied menu. Include fish, poultry, meat and sea foods, so all guests can choose their preferred menu that’s placed on the table.

Certainly, weddings do not only mean gorgeous and inexpensive wedding dresses from event also means merriment and food choices that are very important not only for the couple, but also for the guests. After all, you don’t want to hear one of your guests leave a negative feedback about her or his food experience during your wedding reception, right?