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26.09.2006 um 15:50 Uhr

Cuba is in a crossroads.

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Cuba is in a crossroads.
Socialism or social democracy?

For Marx the socialism is abundance and prosperity as long as it is built on the capitalism most developed one. Lenín, on the contrary, established it in one of the most backward countries of Europe.

At early thirties when the capitalist world experienced its great depression, seemed to give the reason to Lenín if was compared the development of the Soviet Union with the problems that presented the capitalism one al beginning of the year of 1929.

The same thing thought Mao supported in its communist party and many of other similar parties in Africa, Asia and Latin America. But all this already has passed, therefore neither Russia and their satellites, neither Chinese, even with their strong communist party, are not economies socialitas, neither they yearn or miss for them.

In Cuba with 50 years of absolute power this country have not produced an acceptable development and economic welfare; even, there are serious backward movements in the last 15 years. Without stimuli to the productivity and to the business initiative, without basic liberties, the Cuban economy is a spectacular failure that survived for the Soviet subsidy and recently by the investment in tourism of the large transnational European and now by the propaganda aid of the Venezuelan petrodollars.

In Cuba there is not an economic model to leave the poverty. 25 years ago a Cuban official had confessed with sincerity that: "The government knew to put the first flat of the revolution, but does not know how to build the second flat.". After 25 years in the power the government has not been able to leave the frightful rationings of food, neither has been able to stop the poverty.

The first flat of the revolution was to elevate the morale of the population to fight the economic blockade of USA and the construction of a system of education, health, sport and security for the country. But the second flat that had been to promote a booming market economy with incentives to the private and public investment, accompanied by a liberty to seek options and elevate productivity and technology never arrived in Cuba.

The state economy in the Soviet Union and in China fails, then those countries did its "migratory", and those countries give a lot of importance al capitalism of the mixed economy, although the governmental party maintain the power and the political control. This focus has also been accepted for the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

Neither in Soviet Union neither in China, after 50 years of indoctrination, did not appear "the new man", free of the natural behavior of every human being, that only exists in the communist myth.

Cuba is in a crossroads.Today the material poverty is large and the controls are absolute. The people is watched for which euphemistically is called "the social control" of the only party. The state reproof what can damage the image of its action of government; by this controls the use of the Internet and only is permitted to read the newspaper of the communist party. These controls go against the human nature.

For example, the economy has its own motor that moves the human instinct to seek its own welfare combined with the creativity. The danger of the " wild capitalism" is to convert the human beings in simple factors of the production and to impose as supreme law the interest of the strongest. Therefore, the social democracy is based on a public authority with morale, with institutions, with solidarity, combining the personal achievement with the common interest.

The large revolutions had their phases of big utopias and of heroisms, but then they discover their limitations and their miseries (their follys). For example, the French Revolution was empowered an emperor that exhausted to their country to carrying it to the war, but then he came the restoration and thus he passed with other revolutions. Taking the road of that mortal trap is simply a reactionary whim of learn not of the history.

Cuba and all the countries of Latin America need a deep change for all their population and in the search of an upper human development that comience to fight the poverty.have the need to seek another model that do not be the communism.
In een land waar plaatselijke journalisten trouw de Partij volgen en buitenlandse correspondenten maar met moeite een visum kunnen krijgen, profiteert de Cubaanse Yoani Sánchez van de vrijheden van het internet. Haar blog is geeft miljoenen wereldwijd een openhartige blik op Cuba. 

Teleurgesteld en gefrustreerd door de propaganda van Fidel begon de 32-jarige vorig jaar een blog over haar dagelijks leven. Het werd meteen uitgeroepen tot het beste Spaanstalige blog ter wereld door het dagbladEl Pais

Opmerkelijk als je bedenkt dat Sánchez, zoals zo veel van haar landgenoten, thuis geen internet mag hebben van het Cubaanse regime. Vermomd als toerist zet ze haar bijdragen online bij internetcafé’s. 

Hier kunt u haar laatste blog in het Nederlands lezen, een korte terugblik op de twee jaar sinds Fidel Castro aankondigde een stap terug te doen.