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What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Business If You Aren't Effectively Using Google Analytics

http://url.org/bookmarks/janetstair/ google analytics access is an extremely useful tool available free to most businesses. However, as with most things Google, it isn't as easy to use as would first appear. While watching traffic go up and down over time and seeing which countries users come from and which browsers customers are using is interesting, that's only the tip of the iceberg for Analytics. There have been books written on how to gain the most benefit from this awesome tool, although they wouldn't be considered light reading by anyone except a dedicated internet marketer.

Create Dashboards to Track the Most Important Data

Most Analytics users want to look at certain Online Marketing data as soon as they log in. This is accompished by setting up one or many Dashboards, each targeted for a specific metric. You can use pie charts to make comparisons, reveal the progress of a campaign over time or filter the results as needed. Date ranges can be easily changed, a great feature whether you're interested in looking at today's results or the results for last week, last month or for any period. Create an overview for traffic, conversions (goal completions) or other metrics of your choice.

Find Out Which Campaigns Have Brought in the Most Traffic and Conversions

Analytics can tell you which online marketing campaigns have been successful and which ones failed. Analytics allows users to determine this by creating new Custom Segments. Although this can be complicated, it's essential in determining the best way to spend those limited advertising dollars. Did your social media campaign work out as anticipated? When set up properly, Analytics will tell you if you got the ROI you planned on for social media or any of your online marketing campaigns.

Where are the Most Productive Website Visitors Coming From?

In a global marketplace, this is extremely significant. Targeting ads for specific nationalities can be extremely productive. Also, particular ads could be unknowingly offensive to consumers from certain parts of the world. Knowing this demographic data can be very helpful in generating a good ROI. Analytics has this and much other demographic data readily available.

Learn How Visitors are Using Your Website Learn which pages on the website are getting the most viewers. See how long they spend on pages. Check which search terms are being used this most and much more. Analytics data is essential for anyone whose business involves online marketing and Adwords. Correct and timely data is crucial and obtainable with the proper use of Analytics.

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