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Tips to Help You Become a College Basketball Scholar

There are lots of aspects that's involved and one important aspect is the time you start pondering you wish or can engage in basketball at the collegiate level. Listed below are ten basic recommendations that can help you fulfill your aspirations. 
1)Figure out what job you'll play in college - This is simple to assess if you happen to be 6'3" or shorter in that case you better plan on being a guard in college. Once you figure out what position you will play maybe you can begin planning your future and creating the steps you will have to take on to accomplish your ultimate goal. 
2)The time you understand your site, you're ready to get to work - Practice is the key to getting even better. Wouldn't it be great if you could devote at minimum of 2 hours every day or maybe 5 days weekly doing those workout routines? 
3)Play against better to develop - Definitely one particular method of getting better would be to play towards better. In other words, look for athletes that can be as good as you are or better and play towards them. Find out where good players are playing in the area and get in their games. 
4)Obtain information from very best college basketball athletes - Inquire further about coaching suggestions, drills and what they did to increase as well as to get into college. 
5)Keep an eye on the top and gain knowledge from the best - It might be wise if you can watch NBA games live there are lots of very affordable Basketball Tickets on the net just like Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets if you worry you can't find the money for them watching them on tv can help you a lot. 
6)Make connections - Join basketball summer camps and give yourself more exposure. 
7)Know location tryouts are made - Get there early. Display your skills. Coaches like kids which are there early, driven and worked hard to show off their skills. You really know what people say regarding first impression! Try to make a visible impact and make the instructors remember you. 
8)Get high marks as possible - Instructors want kids in college they don't have to stress about especially with regards to their academics. You must have the whole package deal learning ability and capabilities and no question you will be among their scholars. 
9)Connect with college trainers - Avoid getting a pest, however, squeak a little by contacting the trainer, asking how and just what to undertake is a great help. Instructors adore kids which are very happy to learn and do everything to further improve their competencies. 
10)Be very good individual consistently - Instructors love teenagers which have politeness and proper behavior. 
I sincerely hope these suggestions are helpful so you can use them to your benefit in your quest for your dream. 
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Samuel Schottenfeld - A Brilliant Student and a Scholar Athlete

Samuel Schottenfeld has attended Milton HS in Milton, GA and done his graduation in the year 2010. He is a sophomore at The University of Mississippi in Oxford and is studying business. He is an accomplished individual with high excellence in the sport field as well as in classroom. He was a scholar athlete and participated in many sports activities such as football. He was one of the eight students to create a steel talon and Samuel Schottenfeld was elected by his peers as a team captain. He also likes to play Frisbee golf and regular golf. Playing golf gives him an opportunity to connect himself with the blessing of nature and also helps him in staying healthy. He often takes time from his hectic schedule to play Frisbee golf, one of the classic and fun games of athleticism. His achievements in the sports field have been applauded by his peers and fans. 
A sports enthusiast,Samuel Schottenfeld, loves snow skiing. For him, snow skiing is not only a sport but a way to get connected to nature. His friends often consult him for his advice to improve the fundamental techniques of their style such as freestyle, cross-country and alpine skiing. He helps beginners to add value to the game by suggesting them the right playing techniques. He has mastered the strategies which are taught by best instructors by himself, thus without spending money on expensive lessons. As part of the Young Life Association, Sam Schottenfeld mentors and tutors middle schoolers. He has also participated in Habitat For Humanity as a senior in High School. He is an outgoing person and helps people make connections every day. He is a Young Life counselor and works with middle schoolers after school several days a week. His mother, Laurie, is a homemaker and his father, Roy is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He has a sister who graduated UGA in spring 2011. 
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Sam Schottenfeld Is A Dedicated Scholar Athlete

Sam Schottenfeld is a student of The University of Mississippi in Oxford where he is studying business. He participated as a scholar athlete through high school and performed exceptionally. Besides, Frisbee golf and regular golf are among his top sports preferences. For him, giving 100% to the sports like golf is really required in order to perform with excellence. He was one of the eight to make Steel Talon and elected by his peers as team captain. Also, he was in to playing football in the High School. An active sportsperson, he is also skilled in snow skier. He loves the thrilling sport of skiing and also advises his friends on mastering the skills of snow skiing for a safe experience. His achievements in sports have been praised by his peers and experts. 
Sam Schottenfeld is a member of KA fraternity. His father, Roy Schottenfeld is an ear, nose and throat surgeon and his mother, Laurie is a homemaker. He has a sister who graduated UGA in spring 2011. Sam Schottenfeld helps people make connections every day. He mentors to other students schooling between elementary and high schools to inspire them in life as part of the Young Life association. Also, he has participated in Habitat For Humanity as a senior in High school. Through Habitat For Humanity, he contributes his efforts in eliminating poverty housing and homelessness from the world. Sam Schottenfeld has a firm belief in helping others and he is always there for his friends when they are in need. He is a versatile individual with high perfection in sport field as well as in classroom appreciated by everyone. He often takes time from his schedule for playing a game of golf with his friends and family as the game connects him with nature. He helps beginners by suggesting them the right playing techniques and instructs his fellow players so that they can also add to their game. He specifies that good health and physical fitness is really necessary on the whole for a successful performance. 
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Fulbright Scholar Visits Top Nursing School in Chicago

On Tuesday, October 11, Resurrection University, the best nursing school in Chicago, was privileged to have Dr. Prathana Langkarpint, a Fulbright Scholar from Thailand, visit the institution. Dr. Langkarpint was introduced to interim president Dr. Beth A. Brooks and members of the University executive leadership, toured the school with Sister Sandie Sosnowski, can, and met with Dr. Sandie Soldwisch, faculty and staff members. A luncheon was also held in Dr. Langkarpint honor, hosted by Dr. Brooks. 
We are so honored to have Dr. Langkarpint here at Resurrection University, said Dr. Beth A. Brooks. Having a Fulbright Scholar at our institution only reinforces to our faculty and students just how much one can achieve during their nursing career. 
Dr. Langkarpint was brought up in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery (Second Class Honors) from the McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University, Thailand, in 1984. She received the degree of Master of Sciences in Physiology in 1989. Dr. Langkarpint served as a nurse educator at Payap University McCormick Faculty of Nursing from 1989 until 1992. During that time, she was also an adjunct lecturer at Chiang Mai Nursing College. From 1993 to 1996, she was a nurse educator in the Department of Surgical Nursing at Chiang Mai University. 
In 1996, Dr. Langkarpint went to England and completed her six months practice under supervision at the University of Birmingham Selly Oak Hospital, practicing as a qualified staff nurse in intensive care unit in hospitals in England and Scotland. From 1997 to 2000, Dr. Langkarpint continued her post graduate study at the Royal College of Nursing in London, where she received the degree of Master of Nursing in 2001. She receives her doctorate from the University of Hull in 2005. 
From 2006 to 2009, Dr. Langkarpint served as a Dean of McCormick Faculty of Nursing at Payap University in Thailand. From 2009 to 2010, she was granted a United Board Fellows,two semester leadership training program. She completed this training program at Valparaiso University College of Nursing in Valparaiso, Indiana and the Yonsei University College of Nursing in Seoul, Korea. For her work, Dr. Langkarpint received the Elisabeth Luce Moore Fellow award from the United Board in August 2011. She now serves Payap University as an Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assistant Dean of the International College. Currently, Dr. Langkarpint is a Fulbright Scholar at Valparaiso University College of Nursing, where she is conducting research about using human patient simulation in Nursing Education. 
The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.With this goal as a starting point, the Fulbright Program has provided almost 300,000 participants chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to find solutions to shared international concerns. 
Dr. Langkarpint completed her visit to Resurrection University working with BSN students in the simulation lab and then as a guest lecturer to MSN students enrolled in the Theory of Nursing course. Her topic was The Implications of Nursing Theories in Thai Nursing Education. 
I enjoyed visiting Resurrection University very significantly,said Dr. Langkarpint. Thank you very much for your kindness and warm hospitality. I did have a great day learning and sharing with you, your colleagues, staff and students. I look forward for more possible collaboration in the future. 
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Deepak Garg - An eminent Indian computer science scholar having extensive research experience

Computer Science is few of the technical fields that are seeing rapid growth as compared to other fields such as Mechanical, Chemical, Aeronautics, and others. There are thousands of scholars that have been doing some cutting edge research in design and development of algorithms that are going to play an important role in future innovations. Internet is one of the significant contributions of computer researchers that have now widely changed the way one used to live. Deepak Garg is one such eminent computer Science scholar that has made many significant contributions to in the field of Computer Science. Having worked with leading software companies such as IBM, Deepak has got extensive market exposure. He is also a keen researcher and has more than 15 years of experience in a research field. Deepak has a PhD in Computer Science and is right now a faculty member at Thapar University India. His keys areas of interest include Data Mining, Algorithms, and Data Structures. He is also a study guide to PhD students. Deepak Garg PhD students are now working key organizations. Deepak Garg PhD types are known for detailed study of topics. Deepak Garg Thapar University classes are conducted every week. They are some of the well attended classes. Deepak Garg Thapar University profile includes his role as a teacher as well as a mentor. 
Computer Science is witnessing an important transition where focus is now being made on how a web of computers can be used efficiently in delivering cutting edge solutions. Some of the significant work are being done in areas related to cloud computing. Java has emerged as one of the most favored languages to implement relevant web applications. Deepak is a proficient Java programmer and has conducted scores of workshops all over India. This includes workshops on Internet and Java Technologies, Advanced Java Programming, Latest Advances in Algorithms, J2EE- Oracle, and many more. Deepak has been actively involved in bridging gap between industry and academics. With this aim in mind, he has been conducting workshops throughout India. One of the significant problems that students are facing is that they have little awareness about what is going in the business. Deepak has taken a significant initiative in this area and is playing a key role in bridging the business academic gap. Deepak Garg Thapar University workshops that are conducted on regular periods focus on teaching the much sought after business skills. This includes an emphasis on programming languages, programming paradigms, and other key areas. Deepak himself has been actively involved with the business. He is a member of IEEE which is an organization of computer science and electronics engineers. Deepak Garg IEEE membership saw his active contribution to the group. He has also been a member of IEEE America. Deepak Garg IEEE membership saw him play the role of Secretary as well as other roles. 
Deepak Garg India publications include a total of 73 publications that have been published in various leading bodies. Deepak Garg India papers have been published in International Journal of Data Engineering, International Journal of Computer Applications, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering etc. He is now actively working on several research areas that are related to Data mining and Algorithms. Alen providing Deepak Garg Thapar University, Deepak Garg IEEE.
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