A Law Hand Book

12.01.2010 um 04:36 Uhr

A Law Hand Book

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The Law of Attraction asserts that our thoughts, be they conscious or unconscious, will affect the environment around us. Simply put we attract what we think and feel. Notwithstanding the positivity or negativity of the thought, it will have an impact on our life. This requires us to be prudent in what we think, since negative thoughts will have a negative effect. However, we have the option to select what we want to think about. This in turn will confer on us the power to choose how we want to live our life.

The Law of Attraction is a well-known principle of the New Thought movement. This movement firmly believes in the healing power of right thinking. When our dreams and thoughts can become reality, then it is essential that they be positive. An individual who realizes this will have the power to choose their own destiny.

We can experience the Law of Attraction in our everyday life. We need to clearly ask what we want, believe that it will be possible and be thankful as though we have already obtained it. When our thoughts are directed to the object of our desire in a positive way, it will fill us with happiness and confidence. When our belief in the possibility of attaining the desired object is absolute, our confidence will manifest in our actions. Then we just have to receive it with gratitude.